Day 101 – Fifteen Years – Short Story

“Don’t make me tell you again!” He yells as he drives a punch into his face, sending him crashing to the ground. “So stay the fuck down until I say you can get up, you piece of shit!”

He slowly forces himself up on all fours as he drives a kick into his side, sending him rolling over onto his back, letting out a groan of pain.

“For fuck sake Sammy, you think you can come in here and tell me what to do, like you own the place. We’re not kids anymore, you don’t get to tell me how to run my life, so why don’t you pick your arse up off the floor and get the fuck out of here before I put you on the ground permanently!” He yells as he spits on him. Sammy lies there, starring up at the ceiling for a few moments, as he tries to focus his vision on the beam that runs through the centre of the ceiling instead of the four blurry versions that he can see and he slowly forces himself up into a sitting position, clutching his ribs, he looks up into Oliver’s eyes and sees the hate his brother has for him right now and he smiles, he doesn’t know why, but he smiles.

Oliver’s face twists up with anger as he winds back with another boot, “You don’t hear to good do you?” He yells as he kicks forward, but Sammy catches the boot and pulls Oliver to the ground, and desperately scrambles to his feet, Oliver laughs as he lies there on the ground.

“I gave you a chance because we’re blood, I’d rather you not make me kill you, but you just can’t seem to understand can you? Things are different now, this is my dog house and you can’t just walk back into my life and expect things to be the same, you can’t expect to be the top dog anymore, not without a fight.”

“This is my home first, my kingdom, I built this and I’m the one who went in for fifteen years instead of you, I took the blame for Debbie’s death and you think I want this all back, fuck you Oliver, I only came back because you owe me and I want it, I want my pound of flesh.”

“I don’t owe you shit, and don’t’ try to play the martyr, you didn’t take a dive for me, you took the fall because if you hadn’t I would’ve sent you to the hole myself and made a deal, you knew that. We’re brother by blood, not by anything else, we ain’t had love between us since we were stupid kids, and Debbie, she was just a problem, and you knew that. Shit Sammy, you knew that if I didn’t off the bitch you would’ve had to eventually. But it ain’t no thing, I’ve built MY empire on bodies dog, do you want to know how many other pieces of shit I’ve had to deal with since you’ve been away? Do you really want to know?” Oliver says as he slowly gets up to his feet, Sammy stumbles backwards and tumbles into the wall, still clutching his ribs, blood runs down his pant leg, and he still can’t focus on just one object in front of him.

“What happened to you?”

“Fuck, I grew up!” he says as he pulls a revolver out of his jacket pocket and aims it at Sammy, “Look at you, how pathetic, you thought you could just walk in and take back everything, well, it’s not going to happen, this is my world now.”

The doors burst open and three armed men quickly enter the room, their guns trained on Oliver.

“What the fuck?” Oliver says as they grab him and slam him into the ground.

“Fifteen years,” Sammy says as he pulls up his shirt, showing a wire taped to his chest. “Fifteen years, and now, it’s your turn, brother.”



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