Day 150 – Questions – Short Story

She sits, starring towards the puddle, no thoughts move through her mind, no questions hang from her tongue. She slowly looks up, towards him, he smiles, not in comfort, but more to mock her, to make fun of the situation, a situation she can only take the blame for.

“It was supposed to be a good day,” she says softly.

He laughs softly, “Every day is supposed to be a fucking good day with you apes, don’t you see what really matters, what is really at stake here? No, no you can’t, can you? You’re too lost in your copulation game, one upping anyone you see as a threat, and sleeping with those you don’t. You all make me feel sick, to think, we are classed as lower beings, it makes me sick.”


He laughs again as he walks around the small café, bodies litter the ground in front of him, smoke rises from the kitchen, blood seeps into the feathers of his wings, and he looks down upon her, places his golden sword at her throat.

“Because it is what was written, don’t you pathetic apes see that? You go around fearing the devil, not wanting to go to a place where you would be punished for you sins, for all eternity, when, what you should have been fearing, what was always going to be your ending, was your beloved angels, heralds of the lord’s prayer.”

“B-B-But why?”

“Because we hate you, that’s why ape.”


“Why, why, WHY! Is that all you can say ape, is that all the words the almighty who created you gave you?”

“Stand down,” a voice says from the doorway of the café.

He laughs and turns to face the dark, demonic angel who stands in the doorway, “Please tell me you’re not siding with him on this?”

“Stand down and let’s talk, you don’t need to do this, you don’t need to strike his children down just so he’ll talk to you, you know that.”

“Not anymore, it has been a long time since he granted me an audience, yet these things, these apes get audiences with him all the time, I miss his light, I just want to know what I did wrong,” he says softly.

“Then come, let us both go and see why you have been cast aside, like I was.”

“I HAVEN’T BEEN CAST ASIDE LUCIFER !” he screams, crushing the woman’s skull with his bare hands and throws her lifeless corpse at the one who stands in the doorway.

“I know it’s hard at first, but you must accept that you are not as important as you once seemed, the apes, in all their glory slowly have won his heart, but here,” he says as he holds out his hand. “Take my hand, let us go together, and see what his answer is, why he favours these over his first born.”

“And, if he does not grant us audience?”

“Well Michael, if that comes to pass, then we will break heaven open together and spill the essence of all who get in our way”



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