Day 159 – Possessive – Short Story

“Let me start by telling you, all this, is because of you. I know what you’re saying, who me? Well, think yourself one of a kind, because honey, I chose you. It’s true, from the first moment I saw you notice me I said to myself, this might be something worth looking into, I mean, honestly, would you rather I lie? Didn’t think so.” He says with a smile, she looks back at him, with a blank, expressionless look. “Okay, I can see you’re still a little bit on edge, everything is a little new to you, I know, so I’ll give you some time. I mean, we have so much time, it’s crazy not to waste some of it. So why don’t you sit there and I’ll go get us another drink, do you want the same? Okay, great,” he says as he gets up from his seat and quickly makes his way to the bar, several moments later he returns back to the table with two drinks. “So, how are you feeling anyway? I forgot to ask how you were, I get so carried away with my own feelings I sometimes forget that everyone else has them too.”

He stares across at her, and nervously smiles, “You know what, maybe a dance would be good for both of us. Sorry, you don’t dance? Who doesn’t dance? Everyone dances. You never learned, well,” he says as he gets to his feet and holds out a hand. “Let me show you,” he waits for a few moments, but, she doesn’t respond. “Okay, how about I show you, and then, you can make up your mind if you think I’ll be able to help you,” he says as he moves out onto the dance floor, and glides his way around the floor, dodging various couples already on the dance floor, this goes on for the next few minutes, before, he finally makes his way back to the seat next to her, semi-exhausted. “That was awesome!” he says with a smile on his face, quickly downing his drink. “Do you want another? That took a hell of a lot out of me, and we both, well, we both need some energy for later,” he says with a smile, as he quickly heads back to the bar, returning moments later, with another two drinks.

“I bet you didn’t think we could get in here when I told you,” he says as he sits back down beside her. “I know, it’s crazy, but it just so happens, I know a….” He stops and looks down at the floor, takes a deep breath, and looks back up into her eyes and tries to smile, “I wasn’t always like this, not at the beginning anyway. It’s just over the last few years, I’ve kinda, sorta, developed this weird tick, but, I really like you, and I know if I don’t tell you now, I might never get the chance. I know, I know, we’ve only just met, but, you have to understand, you’re the only person who seems to get who I am, and I really need that right now, you don’t know what it’s like, being the only one, left alive.”



17 Replies to “Day 159 – Possessive – Short Story”

      1. Thanks, keeping it interesting, stuck in his dialogue, hopefully paces it, so you’re drawn into his words, and wondering, trying to figure out what he’s up to, making him bounce off you, more than the story itself. Well, that’s was the plan hahaha

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      2. Haha, me too. I wrote something a while back on whether I’d still write if I was the last person left alive. It’s a weird place to speculate about, I imagine the desperation for companionship would drive us to a different version reality inside our own minds.

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