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Day 193 – Coldness – Whispered Words




you bitch,

you think you’re better than me,

you think that this is over,

you break me,

you spit,

you shat,

you screamed,

and then you think you can walk away,

you think you can be better than me,

well think again,

because guess what?

that popping you just heard was your mother fucking neck.

4 thoughts on “Day 193 – Coldness – Whispered Words Leave a comment

    • It’s quite satisfying when you can get a story within a poem like structure, if that’s what you would call it. If not, it is a fascinating bit of experimentation that allows you time to focus on the words, on the emotion, to get them working sharper, and I think, it’s been helping my normal story writing a lot since I started doing it. I seem to try and pay more attention to that emotional pull than I did before, or not, but, I am enjoying doing them.


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