Day 295 – Do You See? – Short Story

Somewhere, out there, they’re waiting, waiting for each and everyone of us.

You think I’m lying?

Trust me, I’m not. I’ve seen them, out there, in the shadows, their faces disfigured, their bodies twisted beyond that which we could do ourselves, they are the wasted, the rabid things that haunt the outskirts of our world, and they are coming for us.

You don’t see them?

You don’t hear their raspy cries for air, as they try to suck in breath after breath of nothing, wanting only to fear upon what we are, don’t you hear it?

You think I’m crazy, don’t you?

You think I’ve lost my mind, but you’re  wrong, I see clearly, my eyes are no longer sugar coated like they once were, I now see everything, and all.

Do you want to as well?

Do you want to see the beast that hide in the darkness waiting to strike?

Do you want to be free?

Then let go, sit before me, and take all that I am inside you. Let me empty myself down into your stomach, where I will impregnate your seed with my spark, and then, you will be as I am, you will see as I do, and then we will fight the beasts together, and we will win!

So, kneel, and open yourself up for to enter.

But be warned, once you have taken me inside you, there is no going back, there is no halting the change, for they will know you are one like me, and they will come for you. So, choose wisely…

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