Day 343 – Behind Your Eyes – 50 Word Story Expanded

If you want to know how this story started, you can read about it HERE.

It lets out a cry of anger, driving its huge, pulsating arms down, its fists connect with the ground viciously, as a crack splitters off from the impact point, rushing through the ground like a bolt of lighting, towards him.

He watches as the earth beneath him cracks, he leaps sideways, as it jerks upwards, like a dagger, trying to tear into him. He spins around quickly, crouching on the ground, bearing his teeth.

“You have to do better than that if you want to stop me,” he hisses, as he rushes towards it, he leaps from the ground, sending a powerful kick to the beasts face, it makes little to no impact on it, smiling it sipes him effortlessly away.

“Days go by, weeks, months, years even, I stand as I am, unchanged, unmarked, while you, you give these things all you have, even risking your life, why?”

“If you have to ask, you’ll never understand brother,” he says as he gets to his feet uneasily.

It laughs, “I take it I hurt your feelings, wasted are we on these, come back with me, let us be who time has designed us to be, let’s not be swayed by the meat.”

“That’s why you’ll never understand, they’re not just meat, they’re living, breathing beings, beings who love, dance, laugh, things we used to do, back in the old days.”

“The old days are done, we are no longer those who knelt beside him, we are the rulers, we make our choices and all follow, if only one of us must return, then it will not be you,” it says, as it tenses its muscles, and takes a powerful step forward.

“Go, I’m not coming back either way, I have found my place here.”

“With her? The human?”

He stares at him for sometime, trying to read his brothers mind, but finds its thoughts blocked.

“What have you done brother?”

“I have done nothing yet, come with me, come home, and I will continue to do nothing,” it says with a wry smile.

He clenches his hands into fist, his lips curl into a sneer, and his feet dig into the ground, readying himself for impact.

“Your last mistake, I have let you be, for far longer than I should’ve, this, is for the best, my brother,” he says, as the gigantic behemoth charges forward, they crash into each other violently, fists, blood, legs and knees fly left and right as the two battle for minutes, hours, and then, days, until finally, they both stand weary, beaten and bloody, unable to find enough strength to finish the other.

The beast laughs, “Hasn’t this always been the way, his two favorite sons, made in his image, from the purest thought, and the deadliest nightmare we’re we born. Your woman, she’s dead by now, why don’t you come home?”

“Where is she?”

“Does it matter? She is long gone, like all the others, come with me brother, this place is not fo…”

“WHERE IS SHE!” He screams, he eyes glow, white hot light.

It laughs uneasily, surprised by its brothers anger, “Back where it all began brother, back where you laid with the vile woman, where I took her as well,” it says with a snarl.

“NO!” He screams, as his hands glow brightly, then he drives one last powerful punch into the beast stomach, splitting it open.

As his brother falls defeated, its light extinguished, he jumps powerfully into the air, clearing miles in a single leap, he come crashing to the ground with a devastating impact, but is unharmed, then leaps again, and again, until he lands a few feet from a tiny, run down farm house. Without stopping, he rushes to the doorway, it hangs from its hinges, he moves quickly from room to room, calling out her name, until finally he finds her naked, bloody body, at the foot of her bed. At once he is at her side, cradling her weak, fragile form, slowly her eyes open, tears run down his face, as she smiles weakly.

“Is it over?” She asks.

“It’s over thanks to you, now rest up, you’ll be okay,” he says as he runs a hand through her blood soaked hair, she laughs softly.

“You still haven’t got this lying thing down yet, your eyes give it away,” she says, closing her eyes.

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