A Light Beckons The Darkness – Short Story

The light cracks through the darkness, immersing his withered form with its life-giving touch. Slowly he arches his back off the ground and gasps for air, reaching out desperately towards the crack in all that is.
“Eons It has been since I saw the light,” a voice hisses from somewhere within the darkness. He forces himself up, onto his elbows and peers around, searching for the owner of the voice. In the flash of a moment his is straddled by a pale, colorless, eyeless version of himself.
“Why are you here in my place of suffering?” It asks as it heaps him by the face as studies him slowly.
“W-W-Who are you?” He asks through dry, cracked lips.
“If I knew, then we would both know. But it has been so long since I had a need of a name, that I have forgotten. Now, answer my question. Why are you here?”
“I don’t know, I was looking for something, a weapon of some kind, to stop a madman who could not be stopped.”
The thing laughs, “To stop someone who could not be stopped is a contradiction of words, and sense. What did this impossible weapon look like?”
“I-I-I don’t remember.”
“Then how do you intend to find it, if you don’t know what it looks like?”
He stares at the ghoulish reflection of himself and searches his mind for the answers seeker, then allows a smile to form. “You’re the weapon I’ve been searching for,” he says proudly.
The thing laughs once more, “A weapon, me? While that does intrigue me, I don’t think I am this weapon you seek.”
“Why not? You don’t know who you are, and I don’t know what the weapon is I am searching for. It answers itself really.”
“It does not answer itself you fool. I have no recollection of who I am because I care not to know anymore, and your trip into the light fantastic after a weapon to beat an unstoppable opponent is a lost cause, which is why you have wound up here, at the edge of all things. You see child of the light, here in the endless darkness nothing but I exist. Here in the endless darkness I am all and everything. You, whatever you are, are nothing but a dislodged morsel, feeding my curiosity of the outside world. Trying to coax me back into an existence I long ago refused to live, an existence I still refuse to be a part of,” it hisses into the darkness of the forever.

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  1. Very nicely done. Can you explain anything about the characters? Or is that sort of up to the reader?

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    1. The readers imagination fills in the gaps as the story unfolds, giving you a more fluid, personal version.


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