Fantasy Or Nightmare? – Short Story

He smiles and slowly stirs the drink with the straw, before looking back up into her eyes.
“I still can’t believe we’re sitting here like this, after all these years,” he says as he pulls the straw from the drink and licks along it.
He laughs nervously before sliding the straw back into the glass. “Because I never thought it would ever happen.”
“You thought about this?”
“Sure, plenty of times. Haven’t you!”
She looks down at his glass, the back up. “Does it sound awful if I say no?”
“If it’s the truth, then no it wouldn’t sound awful at all, disappointing maybe, but not awful.”
She smiles and leans forward, rolling her tongue in her mouth. “So tell me, in all your fantasies what happens?”
“Fantasies is taking it a little far don’t you think?”
“It depends what happens, if it goes wild and pleasurable then it’s fantasy, but if it’s gets all dark and gory then it’s a nightmare,” she says with a smirk.
“What if it’s a little of both?”
“Then you’re my kind of guy,” she says laughing. He uneasily laughs as well, adjusting himself in his seat.
“What’s wrong Bobby, that make you feel a little uncomfortable?”
“No, my arse is falling asleep is all. Anyway, you never let the though cross your mind before so what’s the big deal?”
“The big deal is, that even though I’ve never thought of it before, doesn’t mean I don’t like the idea of it now. All I want to know is how do you see it happening and what part do I play in it all?”
He feels his bottom lip tremble, and a shudder vibrates through his body. “Y-Y-You know what I-I-I want you to do,” he stutters.
She smiles broadly, “I wanna hear you say it.”
They stare at each other in silence for several minutes until Bobby reaches up and wipes the sweat to runs down his forehead. “I-I-I, I need you to get Zack to meet you at Tolman’s Hill, so I can make
Him pay for what he did tommy sister.”
Her smile softens, “That’s the ticket,” she says with glee.

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