The Road Knows – Short Story

The car comes to a grinding halt at the bottom of the small ravine, while both Mandy and Lukas lie motionless, still tightly fastened in their seats as flames slowly spark into existence from the front of the car.

High above from the road Dale looks down and swallows a tight mouthful of air.

“Well, what’s going on?” A voice yells from behind him.

He nervously turns towards the car shrugging his shoulders. “It’s a long way down, I can’t tell if they’re dead or just trapped.”

“Well get down there and check for god sake.”

“It’s not that safe. Can’t we just call it in an…”

“Get the fuck down that hill and see what sort of condition they’re in and help them out if you can.”

“Help them?”

“Yes, help them. Have you suddenly become hard of hearing?”

“No, I fucking heard what you said. I just wanted clarification on what you meant.”

“This ain’t no meeting of the double entendre club Dale, you damn well know what I meant. Now get the hell down there and see what you can do. I’ll call the local boys so they can get someone out here on the quick and narrow.

Dale turns back towards the roads edge and peers down towards the now smoking car and swallows once again before he awkwardly makes his way down the bank and slowly edges his way to the mangled car.

He trips and tumbles in the undergrowth as he reach the cars edge and crashes to the ground in a heap, knocking his head on the side of the car with a deafening thud.

“Fuck!” He hisses under his breath as he pulls himself to his feet and feels the sting of something pulling at his leg. He grimaces in pain as he looks down to see a large piece of metal sticking from his thigh. “Oh shit! OH SHIT!” He yells out in a panic, looking back up the hill.

“What the fuck is wrong now?” A voice yells down.

“I-I-I think… I think I’ve hurt myself bad.”

“How bad, is bad?”

“Pretty bad,” he says as he looks back down at his leg which is now drenched in his own blood.

“I fucking don’t believe this. What about the two in the car, are they okay?”

Dale twists himself around awkwardly and peers through the window of the car,  both Mandy and Lukas still remain motionless in their seats as the flames grow larger.

“They’re out for the count, and once the flames hit the main tank they won’t be bothering anyone else ever again. Me on the other hand, I’m going to need a hand getting up the hill,” he yells weakly as he turns back towards the hill-top, catching a glimpse of the other man as he disappears towards the car.
“Come on man, I’m start to feel a little drowsy down here,” he calls out weakly.

Some seconds later he hears an engine roar to life and then the car speed away. “Fletcher, you still up there?” He yells out, but receives no reply. He stumbles to his knees, and feels his strength waning.

“FLETCHER YOU SON OF A BITCH, DON’T LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE!” He screams, as a hiss erupts from the car quickly followed by a searing, scorching heat wave and then nothing but emptiness.

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  1. James says:

    Couldn’t have worked better if Fletcher planned the whole thing. Oh wait!

    Liked by 1 person

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