To Seal Thy Doorway Shut – Short Story

He falls to the ground into to ever-growing pool of blood. His hands tighten into fists as he forces himself to all fours before a savage boot is launched into his side, sending him back to the ground once more.

“Stay down this time Lucas, if I have to kill you I will.”

Lucas laughs softly to himself as he wipes the blood from his lips. “Y-Y-You’ve been threatening to kill me since the day you escaped from mothers sack Darrius, what makes your threats something more than empty pockets of nothingness this time?”

“This time it is not just my words that threaten you, but my actions. I have no say in what is, all I can do is tell you what will be if you do not back off. So my brother I say again, stay down and stay out of my way.”

“Father has turned your bitterness against your own values. Be what you always have been. Be the judgmental bastard you’ve always been and cross the pathway of his demented focus. Bleed the beast who deserves to be denied life. Take my hand and let us together rid the world of the manipulative piece of shit who injected his rotten seed into our mothers cunt!”

Darrius gently places a boot onto one of Lucas’ hands and slowly increases the pressure until the sound on snapping bone and ripping flesh escape from beneath it. Lucas tightly squeezes his lips together, twisting his face in pain.

“You still believe his hand guides all my movements, don’t you? Could you not for a moment believe that I alone am responsible for my own actions? Can you not see that I, baby brother am the real enemy, not dear old dad.”

“Then, prove it! Join with me, overthrow father and give mother her rightful place at the table of what is.”

“There is no father to overthrow, there is only I. And I shall stuff you back up our mothers overused vagina and sow it shut!”

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