Sinclair Saints – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“I could’ve been the one, if you’d given me the chances you gave George, Richard or Malik. I-I-I, I could’ve been everything you wished they were, and more even,” he says with trembling lips, while freshly squeezed tears cascade down his cheeks. “B-But you c-couldn’t even g-give me t-the time o-of day, could y-you? Y-You couldn’t even s-see past the shell that e-encompasses me, and into the eyes o-of the man w-who waits inside! A-And now, now t-that these F-FUCKTARDS h-have left y-you broken a-and b-beaten, you c-come to me and w-want ME to risk EVERYTHING t-to help you g-get REVENGE against THEM! Y-Y-You come asking m-me to b-be YOUR k-knight I-in shining armour! I-I-Is that w-what YOU w-want? I-I-IS IT?” he seethes from over saturated lips

“I-I-I,” she stammers as he stares relentlessly at her with eyes filled with rage, before she swallows a thick wad of air that feels more like a mouthful of razor blades. “I-I, I need you to separate yourself from your anger, and FUCKING be here NOW, with ME!” she spits as she slaps him across the face with an open hand. “I need YOU to FOCUS! I need YOU to cast aside your HATRED towards me and MAN-THE-FUCK-UP!” she bellows as she goes to slap him across the face once more, only to have him catch her hand mid-flight…..

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