Fists Made Of Jelly- Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

…“Danika never knew what you were capable of, but I did, I always saw you for what you really were.” Simon growls with a grimace shorn across his lips.

“And what may ever that be?”

“A piece of shit that never should’ve escaped your fathers nut sack!” he spits back with a wry defiant grin.

“Have you ever been told how callous your words are?”

“I’m not naturally this way, it’s just you who brings out my mean side!”

“The bruises I saw on your woman’s inner thighs tell a different story!”

His face screws up tightly as the blood rushes from his cheeks. “She w-wouldn’t show you t-the time of day, let alone anything else!”

“She wriggled on my tongue, crying my name soon after in ecstasy, and then she paid the service back, a hungry whore your Matilda!” she shimmers with a playful wink and a flick of her tongue.

“B-BULLSHIT!” he slaps with brute gusto. “SHE WOULDN’T FUCKING DARE!”

“Shows how well you know the woman you abuse so much.” she purrs with a wicked glimmer sparkling in her eyes….

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