Broken Sacrifices Of Manhood

A warning she said, that’s what it was, a glimpse into the future, without her, without hope, I laughed at her, told her she was mad, it was a dream, a scream from my broken mind, slowing down from a day wrought with stress, pressure was all it was, I don’t laugh now, since it all…

Creation Of The Bloated Hangador

You were never a trusted friend, you never held a place in my heart, yet you still betrayed me, you still stole all I was, even though I never gave it to you, even though it was never yours, you bastard, you fool, do you realise what you’ve done, what you made me into, what…

Pronounced Fertilized Eruption

Something wicked, lurks in the shadows, something twisted, is shaping its hate, something blackened, is what’s become of its heart, something evil, is on its tongue, something dark, is taking over me, something final, is about to start.

From A Destination Deep Below, They Come For You

Fathoms below your reach, they spawn, they grow, building their kingdom, strengthening their army, waiting for the day, when mankind must fall, I see your look, you think I’m mad, lost all that there was to be had, but I tell you this truth, no lies have I ever told, when they come for us,…

Teflon Hands On The Stove Top

You seek judgment, you seek evidence, you bring destruction to the destroyer, you wanna hurt me, you wanna break it, when deep down inside you wanna be me, I’m the cause of your affliction, I’m the holder of your submission, you come at me, you better damn well bring your best game, because I’m not old,…

Does It Really Matter

Make me, she said, make me feel again and it will all be yours. I didn’t know what this all was, but it didn’t stop me from trying. I started slowly, with a touch, a caress. She didn’t even fake interest, next I kissed her softly, she showed no signs of temptation, then I pulled the…

This Perfect Machine Is Killing Me

Blades of glass, piercing skin, tearing open, the blood within, escaping, flowing, draining from its source, which pumps repeatedly, without remorse, this perfect machine,  this body of mine, killing me slowly, its only a matter of time.

Reflux Of The Decay

Whisperings, words written in blood, broken, spirits above, decaying, rotting pieces of flesh, endings, beginning their dance, slowly building, towards its crescendo, can you feel it? As it thrusts harder against the wall, trying to break through, trying to kill, us all.

Bury Me Deep

A silent moment, bathed in darkness, starving my senses, draining me, killing me, bury me deep, encase me in dirt, making into nothing, let me be free.

Nightmares Wide Awake

Wishful thinking, dreams floating through the air, flying through the skies, no prayers, no cares, but dreams end, or become nightmares, what is this? A nightmare? A dream? Or just my reality? my reality of me.