Showcase – Leaking Ink – Husssssssh

A brilliant variation on one of my short beginning, I loved how the story was taken in a different direction, and felt it was well worth sharing with you all!

Leaking Ink

“I crawled from the pit, my body broken, bloody, and all I could think of is what I’d do to you once I found you,” he says, through bloody, clenched teeth.

“I bet you didn’t think this was how it was going to go?” she says as she grabs the handle of the blade that sticks from his chest, and twists it.

If she expects him to die a quick painful death, she is wrong. So very wrong.

Instead he latches on to her legs, and before she can even comprehend what is happening, the ugly, obnoxious, ostentatious, serpentine chain that he constantly wears around his neck comes alive, and the reptile crawls up her body, hissing, leaving a trail of grey slime along her jeans and shirt, until it quickly wraps itself around her neck. “What the hell is…” Her words get cut off by the rapid tightening…

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Showcase – The Grateful Dead – A Life Less Free

An amazing story inspired by one of my Whispered Words, it has so much heart, I don’t normally reblog, so enjoy!

The Grateful Dead

This story is based on a true incident, though I have incorporated enough fiction to make it sound unreal. In India, there are some villages in Maharashtra where there is a practice that is still continued. Once the girl child reaches puberty, she is taken to the “market place” and put on auction. The highest bidder gets to be her “husband” for the agreed upon time frame. There is exchange of contract notes to formalize the purchase. After the time is over, the girl is once again put on sale with a higher price since she is now “experienced” in giving pleasure. If she gets pregnant or has a child, her price increases further since she is fertile. The girls are helpless sheep who are sold from one customer to another with absolutely no say. When the parents are the exploiters, who can she go to for protection? All the…

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