SlasherMonster Fun – Past Me

From the deepest darkest parts of our mind, come the thoughts of control, the wish for power, the desire, to make all the world ours, and everyone to be, our dolls, this is from somewhere around that place, visit SlasherMonster to venture somewhere deep and dark, for, it’s where they haunt, that part of your mind, where you dare not go, waiting for you, to mistakenly set foot, to, become, theirs….


Kiss me one last time,
as I throw you in the pit,
where you’ll rot like the rest.
Only in my mind will you be like you were –
pretty and sweet,
with a smile so wicked,
you broke hearts with a look,
but you came to the wrong place.
You made the wrong man bend,
but I’ll add you to my spank bank,
when I’m alone in my bed –
remembering the things,
that we did and what you had said,
as I bruised you and slashed you,
as I shattered your head,
you looked right past me.
You spoiled my soul,
so I broke you,
I killed you,
I made you my doll.


Matthew Tonks

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