SlasherMonster Fun – Graveyard Shift – 50 Word Story Expanded

I had the fortune of being presented with the opportunity to take part in a bit of fun during the October season over at SlasherMonster Magazine, the idea was to take a short, 50 word story, expand it, and SlasherMonster would post it during the month.

Okay, sounds like something I’ve been doing here every week, so what’s the catch? You have to expand a 50 word story that wasn’t yours! Bang, mind blown. To say I had fun, would be putting it mildly, in fact, I enjoyed it thoroughly, almost writing more than just the two I needed. But, with this blog, and it’s unique rules and regulations, time, told me differently. So, without going on anymore, the first short is up, and waiting for your eyes, just follow the below links.

If you want to go and read the original version posted on Karina’s blog HERE.

Then, if you’re so inclined, you can go to SlasherMonster and read my expanded version HERE.



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