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Day 146 – Seven – 50 Word Story Expanded

Another day, and more inspiration, Yazgar posted another awesome image last night for Inktober and Drawlloween, and, while I was sitting down to write tonight’s YouChallenge story, this happened. So you can pop over to HERE to view the picture, that inspired the following story. And I should also add, congratulations as well, as its his hundredth Daily Doodle since he started his blog a little of three months ago!


“It’s a brilliant idea, and it’ll revolutionise the industry,” he says as he tucks his hands behind his head and leans back in his seat.

“Seriously, I know, you’re mad, but this is like insane. It’s got nothing, absolutely nothing to do with what we’re working towards, we’re scientist Glenn, playing with the very tools that make us who we are, who we could be, not building sideshow freaks, not this. I-I, I can’t let you do it, I won’t!” He says as he launches himself off his seat, and thrusts his tightly clenched fists into the table.

“But we’re not going anywhere Clive, there’s no money coming in, our funding has been ripped away, and those fucks, back in the city are laughing at us, calling us a joke. This, this will show them, it will be magnificent, and from the money we bring in, we’ll fund our work ourselves. Don’t you see, we could become self-sufficient, our own bosses, like we’ve always dreamed about, can’t you see that?”

He stares at his fists, squeezing them tightly, before he looks back at Glenn, his face, not as tense, the scowl, less, his eyes, show no anger, only, contemplation. “I don’t know, it just, well, it just feels, like were selling out, giving them a greater reason to laugh at us. What if, what if it doesn’t work? What if we just end up wasting more valuable time?”

“Look at it, people will come from miles around to see them, they’ll pay what we ask, then, those pieces of shit will beg for us to come back, only because they’ll want to steal what we’ve created. But we won’t, because, we, will be kings!” He says proudly, with a broad grin on his face.

“It’s going to take a lot of work, were going to have to teach them everything.”

“Bah, we’ll code the knowledge into their DNA, we won’t need to teach them a thing, they’ll be as good, no, they’ll be better, than those schmucks in their multi-million dollar shit holes.”

“I-I, I’m still not a hundred percent on board,” he says as he sits back down.

“But, you’re warming to it?”

“What are we going to call it?”

“I’ve got a couple of ideas,” Glenn says as he pulls a folded up piece of paper from his pocket and hands it to Clive, who, gently unfolds it and pulls a pair of glasses from his shirt pocket. For a few moments he sits there, his face slowly turning redder, and redder with each new line, until, finally, He looks up at Glenn, clearing his throat.

“You can’t be serious, are these really your suggestions?”

“What? You’re kidding me? I thought they were brilliant.”

“Honestly, I think we need something that has presence, strength, marketability, none of these fit that category, in fact, most of them are childish.”

“Steady on there, I’ll have you know, I showed them around the lab and everyone thought they were perfect, hell, the last two, were Sevens suggestions.”

“You know, I can believe that,” he says looking back at the piece of paper, slowly, he begins to laugh, getting louder and more animated as the seconds tick by, until, he has tears streaming from his eyes.

“What’s so fucking funny?”

“C-C-Catch Of The Day, was S-Seven’s, and s-she’s half o-o-octopus!” He manages to get out, and soon, both men, are crying with laughter, while beyond the glass, three figures stand watching.

“Do you think he likes it?” Seven asks the other two.



You can read the original 50 Word Story HERE.

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