Day 146 – Red Skies – YouChallenge Short Story

“It really is beautiful,” she says as she lays next to him on the grass, tightly holding his hand.

“I know, it’s a shame it will eventually kill us,” he says as they look up into the violent, red sky.

“Still at least we’ve got two years to enjoy it.”

He laughs and grips her hand tighter, “Well be crispy pieces of bacon well before that, the report Ferguson placed on Lewis’ desk yesterday predicts nine months before it will be too hot for anyone to actually go outside, and a week after that it will be hot enough that there will be no vegetation, anywhere on earth as they’ll be so dry they’ll just ignite because of the heat.”

“I guess we shouldn’t plan for Christmas then,” she says as she shifts closer to him, snuggling against him.

He laughs, “We should celebrate it early, like next week, and we’ll do your birthday two days after that and mine after that, or, we could just roll them into one day and save time.”

“That would be nice, I’d enjoy that,” she says softly as she closes her eyes. “You think they’ll find some way out?”

“What, from this?”

“Yeah, some way to survive?”

“I think if they had more time maybe, but, were way too late in the game to do anything but count down the days,” he says, suddenly from down in the village below a huge explosion rips through half of it, with screams and cries following soon after and then the sound of gunfire, he squeezes her close and kisses her on the forehead.

“Do you think this is how it’s going to end? Fighting among ourselves?”

“More than likely, they still think the government have secret rockets ready to escape, but it’s not the movies, it’s not going to happen like that, we’re all going to fry, that’s just the plain facts.”

“People have got to believe there’s hope, don’t they?”

“This isn’t hope, it’s fear, they’re afraid to die, they don’t want to give in to it, but they’re going to have no other choice when it happens, none of us will.”

A tear runs down her face and she wipes it away, “Listen to you being all brave, who would have thought you would be the one being all calm and accepting, you’ve come a long way from when we first met, grown up so quickly,” she says as she kisses his chest.

He laughs, “We’re lying here naked in the grass after making awesome love, while the rest of the world tries to kill each other in the hope of finding a way off this rock before what was once our sun tears this planet into small pieces, I think it’s the rest of the world that’s changed, not me,” he says as she lifts her head and stares into his eyes.

“Is that code for your ready for round two?”

He looks down towards his erect member and looks back at her and laughs, “I’m not going to lie…..”



The challenge was, ‘why isn’t the sky blue anymore?’

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