Tonight, Let’s Start A Story

What did those idiotic boys have to read, what stories were told, what darkness was given flight? Tonight, we’ll begin a journey to see what words crafted the world of one, Mister Marty Towns. What shape does his demon take, and how can he avoid its touch?  

The Past Always Has A Way Of Shaping The Future

He lived at the end of our street when I was a kid growing up, nowadays he’d be labeled one of those guys to watch out for around your kids, but he was harmless, a gentle old soul who’d withered with age. He always sat on the porch of his run down house, the doors…

The Game Has Begun

Hello, and welcome to my first official blog, as master of this domain. Honestly you’d think one of those idiots would’ve read the fucking stories I gave them, wouldn’t you? I mean how much more obvious did I have to make it to them, read the story, it’ll help you understand things, it’ll help you know…

Oh What Joy

The final day, of this you know, but what lurks beyond? a prince? a prize? well, now that would be telling, and I don’t want to ruin my fun.

My Kingdom

The walls are falling the time is near, you’re in for some madness in my kingdom of fear, two days to go and my games will begin, so hold on tightly and pray for your sin!

Welcome, Your Fear Master

Hello my children, I say my, because you all, are my children in some way, shape or form. As we move forward, you will see me more and more, for I will be the voice of all those who do not have one, I will be the master, of this domain. You will learn to…