Welcome, Your Fear Master

Hello my children, I say my, because you all, are my children in some way, shape or form.

As we move forward, you will see me more and more, for I will be the voice of all those who do not have one, I will be the master, of this domain.

You will learn to fear me, but, you will also yearn for my touch, for my, flesh.

Until then, enjoy the darkness for, it will only get darker from here on in.

For there is only 3 days until the end of all roads twisted, and the begging of trials filled with fear, and dread.

If you wish to call me, fearinfear@outlook.com is where I sit, presiding over this place I will soon call, home. Send me messages, pictures, words, those worthy, will be printed here, those, unworthy, I will keep for myself.

The Fear Master

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