A Scribble For The Soul – Short Story

“Sinful discoloration of the darkest corners bleeds life into your images, and in that darkness I see something that leads me to believe the infection that ravages every cell of your body has twisted its way into your mind. If you look at the drawings you happily scribbled when you first joined us here, you…

Oh What Joy

The final day, of this you know, but what lurks beyond? a prince? a prize? well, now that would be telling, and I don’t want to ruin my fun.

My Kingdom

The walls are falling the time is near, you’re in for some madness in my kingdom of fear, two days to go and my games will begin, so hold on tightly and pray for your sin!

Welcome, Your Fear Master

Hello my children, I say my, because you all, are my children in some way, shape or form. As we move forward, you will see me more and more, for I will be the voice of all those who do not have one, I will be the master, of this domain. You will learn to…