50 Word Story – Serve And Protect

The stars themselves rip apart as the ships engines surge to life. Blackmore slams his palm down on the drives activation switch screaming. Then everything stands still as the ship pierces the empty space before it, sending a ripple through the skies, then explodes in a brilliant ball of blue.

50 Word Story – Reach Up For Me

David falls to his knees as tears run down his face. “I’m sorry, I swear it was not done out of hatred, but love,” he says looking over to Horrigan. ”You’ve never loved anyone but yourself! You broke the treaty with the Vaski to move yourself closer to the throne!”

50 Word Story – Satellite Twelve

“You will dance in the endless darkness for your betrayal. Do you not show remorse for those you have condemned to death with your destruction of Satellite Twelve?” ”Satellite Twelve was a weapon built to decimate our world, destroy our freedom. I’ve condemned no one to death but myself brother!”

50 Word Story – Andrew

“You always think you know best, but you don’t! You don’t even involve yourself in his life unless you want to push me! He’s staying and that’s final!” Catherine yells, slamming her fist into the counter. He laughs, then smiles. “You don’t get it, do you? It’s not a request!”

50 Word Story – The Little Things

Mikey pushes the door open and leaps into the room, tire-iron at the ready, only to find the room empty. ”STOP HIDING! I KNOW YOU’RE HERE!” He screams. suddenly the room is littered with bright blue electrical sparks, and a volatile storm begins to take shape in the rooms centre.

50 Word Story – Tarnished

“No, you can’t be telling the truth. If Jackson was dirty I’d know it. Your intel is wrong!” Parker yells, tossing his seat across the room in frustration. ”Your reaction tells a different story,” Clements replies calmly. ”Fuck you and your profiling bullshit! I know my partner, and he’s clean!”

50 Word Story – Summer Ties

“I’m so sorry, from over there you look like someone I once knew,” Francis says releasing his grip. ”I can assure you, I have no idea who you are, so if you will excuse me, I’m leaving,” she says pushing her way past. ”Fiona!” He calls, she instantly turns around.

50 Word Story – Hosting Space

The blackness rushes at her, and forces its way down her throat. She coughs violently, as her body tries to reject it. ”For god sake Cheryl, stop rejecting it! And yes, I know how oxymoronic that phrase sounds, but,” he says taking a sip of his wine. “It is true!”

50 Word Story – A Rock That Bleeds

“And then I killed her, is that what you wanted to hear?” Duncan says with a sneer. ”What did you do with the body?” Detective Crown asks, swear pouring down his brow, Duncan’s smile widens. ”What didn’t I do to it, that’s the question you should be asking old mate.”

50 Word Story – The Wickedness Weaves

“It’s a few hours away, but it’s safe and secure. No one ever goes out that way, and it’s impossible to reach without a car. I say we go now. While we’ve still got a chance,” Tanner says getting to his feet and stretching his legs. ”He’ll still find us.”