50 Word Story – Better Than A Punch In The Face

Decker strides around Kyle, dragging the scythe behind him, carving a circle in the concrete.

”The thing is Kyle, I never wanted to hurt you, it was your piece-of-shit father I wanted. That son-of-a-bitch took everything away from me, but unfortunately for you, time got that bastard before I could!”

6 Replies to “50 Word Story – Better Than A Punch In The Face”

      1. One of the things I’m doing these days, Matthew, is writing for Medium, a blogsite that pays if you join as a paying member. One of the innovations they’ve introduced is the series facility so you can write an entire novel, if you like, episodically, via a mobile phone or tablet. I’m doing one for experimental purposes – it’s called 50x50x50, fifty, fifty word stories in 50 days – https://medium.com/series/50x50x50-36a7bcd6997e/edit. You’ll have seen most of these stories before. As I say, it’s an experiment but I’m sure it’s an idea you might profit by and gain you a bigger audience.

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      2. Check out my profile while you’re there. I’ve recycled WP stuff but I’ve written a lot of new poems, too. I’ve been designed a ‘Top Writer’ in their history section because I wrote a story called El Zorro, the Irishman.


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