50 Word Story – Better Than A Punch In The Face

Decker strides around Kyle, dragging the scythe behind him, carving a circle in the concrete.

”The thing is Kyle, I never wanted to hurt you, it was your piece-of-shit father I wanted. That son-of-a-bitch took everything away from me, but unfortunately for you, time got that bastard before I could!”

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    1. Let the twists rule all, I have a broader plan for this, as I do with everything I’m writing atm. Lots of little notes everywhere, oh I do hope I remember them all haha.

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      1. One of the things I’m doing these days, Matthew, is writing for Medium, a blogsite that pays if you join as a paying member. One of the innovations they’ve introduced is the series facility so you can write an entire novel, if you like, episodically, via a mobile phone or tablet. I’m doing one for experimental purposes – it’s called 50x50x50, fifty, fifty word stories in 50 days – https://medium.com/series/50x50x50-36a7bcd6997e/edit. You’ll have seen most of these stories before. As I say, it’s an experiment but I’m sure it’s an idea you might profit by and gain you a bigger audience.

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      2. I’ll have to venture over and have a look, sounds interesting, the website, and your concept.

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      3. The concept is brilliant if you could sell books like that, chapter by chapter, delivered to your phone, daily


      4. Check out my profile while you’re there. I’ve recycled WP stuff but I’ve written a lot of new poems, too. I’ve been designed a ‘Top Writer’ in their history section because I wrote a story called El Zorro, the Irishman.


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