Watch Me See Me – Unhinged Poem

Walls building around, as the insanity grows, a structure built by me, festering to see, hidden from me, me, watch me see the me, light my enemy, silence my friend, it’s whispers, constantly belittling me, self-sacrifice, cries of another, my inner self, my prisoner, you call, but I never come…

A Handful Of Seed – Unhinged Poem

Polished roses, broken windows, blood on the floorboards, a hole in her head, we skip the gravestones, we see the pain, the invisible assassin, the sinner instead, my mystical pony, the trigger finger fiend, your sweet caress, my blindness, your caress, my erection, let the seed of creation, wash over your face.  

Born In The First Cut – Unhinged Poem

Don’t see my sickness, for it is beneath me, don’t stylise my disease, for it is killing me, a birth born of solidarity, a sin created outside the first born, weathered eyes, a broken heart, lies forgiven, a hate, my personal suicide.