Day 18 – Phone Home – Short Story

The small house shakes violently and Ollie tumbles off the couch and crashes into a pile of beer cans that litter the floor, he scrambles to his feet and looks around the room as everything vibrates vigorously, photos crash to the ground, furniture jitters around the room and the first thought that goes through Ollie’s alcohol frazzled mind is an earthquake so he awkwardly stumbles underneath an archway and braces himself, screaming at the top of his lungs. Suddenly bright lights shine through all the windows and from underneath all the outside doorways and the shaking stops. Ollie stands firmly underneath the archway and tries to make sense of it all, slapping himself across the face several times to make sure he is awake. He slowly creeps into the living room, shielding his eyes from the light when all the doors and windows crash in, showering the rooms of the house with splintered pieces of glass and wood. Ollie screams out in shock, and fear, as he dives to the ground and huddles into a ball, screaming at the top of his lungs for it all to stop, and then, as if on his commands, everything falls silent.

Several moments pass before Ollie works up the courage to look up from where he sits, and he sees shapes moving in the light outside, Ollie’s frazzled brain at first deciphers the shapes as human and calls out, “Is that you Jethro?”

But no answer comes and the shapes continue to move, now less resembling humans and more like bobble head figures, with three of them moving towards the door.

“If you think you’re being funny Jethro, you’re not!” He yells out, and again waits for an answer, but still no answer comes. He swallows a dry, lumpy, pocket of air, “Is this because I told you about those stories about those fucking brain suckers? Are you trying to play with my head, you son of a bitch?” He yells as the three shapes make their way through the doorway, Ollie’s mouth drops open as the three beings, he can only describe as aliens enter the room.

His look of shock turns to a look of excitement, “I knew it, I knew you fuckers were real, I knew I wasn’t losing my mind!” He yells as they slowly make their way towards him, and several more make their way in from the opposite side. “I knew I wasn’t imagining you pieces of shit, I knew you were coming in and doing all sorts of weird experiments on me, but this time you fuckers, this time I’m ready!” He yells as he pulls a lever next to the archway and metal gates drop from over the door ways and windows, sealing them all in, the aliens panic as Ollie laughs and pulls another lever and metal mesh nets fall from the ceiling, trapping the aliens underneath them as a gas is spewed out from ducts in the floor, and Ollie, he stands over them as they all slowly fade away into unconsciousness laughing, “Phone home now ET, phone home now!”

One of the alien’s wake some time later and finds itself strapped to a table and frantically tries to free itself as Ollie walks out of the darkness with a circular saw in his hand, “What’s a matter ET, you scared somethings going to be shoved up your arse like you did to me? You got no worries about that ET, I just hope you’ve had all your shots, because I don’t know where this here shit’s been, but I sure god damn know where it’s going to go!” He yells as he starts up the saw.



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