Day 51 – Summit – Short Story

Simon looked down over the growing pool of black liquid that ran towards him, moving like a snake. He feels his body stiffen as it runs onto his foot and begins to twist and turn its way up his leg, onto his stomach and then launches itself at his face, his eyes widen with fear as it forces itself down his throat and his head falls forward. For several minutes he stands there until all the liquid has entered him and then he raises his head, his once pale blue eyes are now black, horrible, pulsating, black veins run sporadically over his face and he smiles.

“Well that wasn’t so bad was it,” he says as he looks across to a mirror, Simon looks back at him, petrified.

“This wasn’t the deal, you said you’d make me powerful, a king, you never said you’d possess me!”

He laughs, “The deal has been made, you are now powerful, and soon you’ll rule over every single one of these pathetic mortal worms. Unfortunately for you, when I say you, I mean me, wearing your skin suit. But don’t worry Simon, you’ll witness it all, feel it all, experience it all, you’ll just be a spectator though,” he says as he walks towards the door and looks back at the mirror and flashes another smile, “show time,” he says as he opens the door and rushes out of it and down through the nave and slams into the doors, pushing them open, outside the small group of people jump in fright as the doors swing open.

“Simon?” One of the girls says.

“We’ve got to move, it didn’t work,” he says as he grabs her by the arm tightly.

“What happened, it should have worked, did you say the words correctly?”

“I said the fucking words and it laughed at me, tried to convince me to let it in, promised me all sorts of things, but I managed to trap it in the confessional box, but it won’t hold it for long, we’ve got to run!” Suddenly a bolt rips from the sky and crashes into the ground before them.

“Fuck,” Simon says and a naked man stands before them, his long blonde hair flows past his shoulders, his body well built and muscular and where his genitalia should be, there is nothing but a smooth surface. He looks at them all, and settles his gaze upon Simon.

“Hello brother.”

“Hello Michael, I can see you’re still not sporting any hand luggage.”

“Must it always be this way?”

“What way?”

“Don’t play me for a fool brother, each time you try this I come and stop you, can’t you for once put aside your childish behavior and play your role?”

“Simon what the hell is going on?” She says as she pull herself from his grip, he turns to look at her, his eyes black once more.

“Simon’s not here anymore bitch,” he says as he smiles and turns back to his brother of the light. “Things are going to play out a little different this time, this time it’s my game,” he says as the ground beneath them falls away, except for beneath Simon and Michael, they stand on towers of earth, sticking up out of pits of fire below where the others fall into, screaming in terror, Simon smiles at his brother.

“I will put a stop to you brother, as I always have.”

“Not this time brother,” he snarls as a bony hand rises from the pit of fire and wraps it’s fingers around Michael, and before he can act pulls him down, and the earth reforms around a laughing Simon. “Let’s bring on Armageddon!”



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