Day 50 – Last Call – Short Story

Sammy didn’t know how to take what Jake had just told him, this man who has been almost like a brother to him for the last nineteen years now stands before him a broken man, staring at him with desperation and pain in his eyes.

“Well, don’t just stand there staring at me like a stunned mullet, talk to me?” Jake says.

“W-what do you want me to say?”

“I want you to tell me what you’re thinking? I want you to talk to me Sammy, give me something other than silence.”

“Jake, please, understand, you’ve had time to think this over, you’ve practiced what you said, this is new for me, and you’ve just picked the worse time in the world to bring it up might I add,” Sammy says as he clutches his bag.

“I know, I know, but I can’t let you leave and not say it, I can’t hide what I feel, not anymore, not after last night. That kiss, it meant something to you as much as it did to me, I know it, and I can’t let you leave without putting it all on the table.”

Sammy shuffles his feet and takes a deep breath, “What happened last night was just a goodbye thing, it wasn’t meant to be anything else, I don’t know what you want me to say?”

“I want the truth Sammy, that’s all.”

“No that’s not all, you want what you always want, your way. What do you want me to say? I love you, I always have and I don’t want to go halfway across the world for this job I’ve been working my entire life for just so I can stay here with you?”

“Don’t be patronising, I want you to tell me what’s in here,” Jake says as he places a hand on Sammy’s chest, as a tear runs down his face.

Sammy places his hand on Jake’s and looks at him, and smiles, “What’s in here is what’s always been there, Jake, your my best friend, you have been since we first met back in kinder, and I love you, I really do, but I can’t stay. I’ve seen what you’re like, I’ve seen what you do, I don’t want to be another one of your conquests you tire of.” Jake pulls back his hand and wipes the tears from his eyes.

“It’ll be different, you’ve always been the one Sammy, I just never wanted to admit it.”

They stand there for a few moments until An announcement breaks the awkward silence, calling the final boarding notice for Sammy flight and he smiles again at Jake, “I-I’m sorry, but I have to do this,” he says as he turns quickly and walks to the terminal desk as Jake hangs his head and watches silently as Sammy walks down the corridor towards the awaiting plane. Some minutes pass before Jake finally shuffles over to the departure lounge and sits down, letting out a sigh of disappointment, he feels a small tremor through the floor as the plane takes off and he puts his head in his hands.

“You better go home and get your shit we’ve only got three hours until the next flight,” a voice says, Jake jumps in surprise as he looks up at Sammy.

“What? What are you doing?”

“I’m giving you a shot, but if you want it, if you’re really serious, you’ve got to come with me, not me stay here.”

“I’m there,” Jake says as he jumps from the seat and grabs Sammy in his arms and they kiss.



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