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Day 54 – Dilation – Short Story

He falls back into the seat as the needle drops to the floor and the drug rushes through his blood system like a rocket, until it slams headlong into his brain like a hot poker. The drool starts quickly and his eyes dilate as the iris is completely absorbed by the pupil. The next few seconds seem like hours to him as he sits there almost comatosed and then, he sees it move and he jumps to an upright position, it’s then he notices the darkness that has settled over the room, and that thing, whatever it is, moves again in the corner of the room. He stumbles wearily to his feet and tries to ready himself for whatever it is as he slowly makes his way over towards the corner, where it sits. He reels back in horror as he spies the blob like creature that sits in the corner, it’s big, round, pain-filled eyes staring at him.

“Hhhheeeeeeellllllppppp mmmmmeeeeeeee,” it says, and he tumbled backwards, crashing to the ground, the thing slowly slithers from the corner towards him and he screams in fear and scrambles to his feet and runs behind the couch where he hides, but he can still hear the thing continuing to slithering forward, coming closer and closer, until it begins to make its way around the corner of the couch, and he freezes in place as once again he looks into its big, round, helpless, pain-filled eyes.

“Hhhhheeeeeelllllllpppppp meeeeeeee, pleeeeaaasssseeeee,” it says.

“What the fuck are you?” He whispers.

“Dwwwwaaayynneere, pleeeeaasssseeee hhheeeepppplllmmeeeeeee!”

“What the fuck are you?” he screams this time.

“Doooeeessss iiittt matttteeerrrr? Heeeelllllppppmmmeeeeee!”


“Kkkkkiiiiillllllll mmmmmmeeeeee.”

“W-W-What? K-Kill you?”

“Ppppplllllleeeesss, kkkkkkkiiiiillllll mmmmmeeeeee!” it screams.

Dwayne’s mind reels in madness as he tries make sense of all that is going on around him, never once suspecting the creature is nothing more than a figment of his own mind due to the drugs hallucinogenic properties. He looks around the room as the weird creature clutches a hold of his leg and looks up at him, Dwayne forces it away with a few violent swings of his leg and it tumbles several feet away, hitting the floor with a splat, he looks around the room frantically, looking for something to use as protection, as the creature rights itself and slowly makes its way back towards him.

“P-p-p-pppplllleeeeeaaaaasssseeeee D-d-ddddddwwwaaayyyyynnneeee, hhhhheeeelllllppppp mmmmmeeeeeeee, k-k-kkkkiiiiilllllllmmmmmmeeeeee.”

Its then that Dwayne feels something pinch his arm tightly, he looks down to see a toy wooden soldier looking up at him with a demented grin on its face.

“Do it Dwayne, kill it, you know you want to, kill it or we’ll kill you,” the toy soldier says, Dwayne freaks out as he tries frantically to brush it away, throwing himself backward, he looks around the room and his jaw drops in confusion as the room seems back to normal, sweat pours from his forehead as he nervously gets to his feet and looks around the room, and lets out a sigh of relief when he sees nothing unusual, everything is where it should be and how it should be, and slowly he sits back down on the couch.

“What the fuck was that?” He says out loud with a nervous laugh, then he hears it again, the slithering sound and he freezes into place as he feels something grab his leg. He slowly looks down and once again locks eyes with the weird, slimy blob.

“K-k-k-k-kkkkkkkiiillllllll y-y-y-yyyyyyyyyyyyyyoooouuuuuuuuuuu!” It cries and Dwayne screams in terror as hundreds of wooden toy soldiers start running up his legs, laughing and cheering as they begin stuffing themselves into his mouth, he chokes violently as his air supply is instantly cut off and he jerks around in fits of desperation and then, he falls silent. As a deep, thick, white froth leaks from his mouth, the drugs final effect takes place and his heart beats its final beat.



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