Day 53 – Bad Day II The Goodnight Kiss- Short Story

Kildone is a fucking piece of shit, that’s what he is, I knew I should’ve just put a bullet in his head then and there instead of trusting he would uphold his part of the deal that night. I mean, look at the fat fuck, thinking he has this won. Sure, I’ve seen better days, I’ll admit that, but he’s the guy who hires people like me to do his dirty shit, because he’s got no backbone for this sort of shit, and now I’ve come home to pay him back tenfold.

When I got to the house I knew in my gut straight away that they were dead, I knew the slimy piece of shit had more than likely done it as soon as he knew I’d taken down Townsend, but I’d hoped I was wrong. I saw the blood before I saw the bodies, both of them wouldn’t have known what was happening, Kildone, that fat fuck, is going to pay, but I had to deal with the three fucks he left waiting for me first. I knew I wasn’t alone, I knew he wasn’t stupid enough to leave me breathing, but at the same time I knew he would want me to see them first before his boys did the job, he likes that sort of shit, but grief does many thing to a man and right then I just wanted to cry. When the cold steel of the barrel pressed against the back of my head it pulled me back to reality quickly, and the fucker started to say something which would’ve ended in shit about this not being personal, a line I’d used many times when I was working clean up. But I didn’t give him the chance as I fired two shots through my shoulder into his head. The other two didn’t know what was happening and left themselves wide open for a goodnight kiss, which I was more than happy to do. I searched the bodies and found a throw away and dialled the only number in the phone, classic fat fuck style.

“Is it taken care of?” He said, that slimy fat fuck, what an absolute piece of shit.

“They’re taken care of and you’re next you piece of filth,” I said back.

“It doesn’t need to be like this, none of this was personal, why don’t you come back to the fold, you always were the best, but I’ll tell this, if you come for me I’ll bury you with your family!”

“You’re demented, you kill my family and think I’ll come back and work for you, the only thing I’m going to do for you is shove my fist up your mother fucking arse!” I yelled as I threw the phone to the ground, kissed my family goodbye and went to work tracking the fat fuck down. Two weeks it took me, two long, sleepless, soulless, haunted weeks until I found where the fucker was hiding and tonight I’m going to make sure my family can finally be at rest after I take my pound of flesh from his fat arse. The compound he set himself up in was way off the grid, he’d even hired a street gang called the Medusas Circle to cover his arse, fucking small change wanna be kingpins, it took me all of five minutes to work them over and send them running, leaving Kildone to me.

So, now, as I stand in this doorway, facing that fat fuck Kildone, both of us with guns drawn, I can’t help but think, who’s going to fire first? Me, or the dead man?


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