24 Days Until The End – Bad Day: My Kiss Goodnight, Part Four – Short Story

The new regime was set, Sally was in place, and the other girls followed, Belenti’s cut was sixty, but for a fledgling business, that wasn’t really that bad. All I had to do was play Killdone the right way, and then, set Belenti up, without anyone giving anything away, that’s why I left all the balls in my court and played the rest.

First I fed Killdone the story, Slim was struck down by a hostile take over, Sally and a heavy hitter, who I had no info on, were now the owners of the shit hole, Belenti was their enforcement and we, or more like Killdone was out in the cold. He was pissed, he got even more pissed when I told him about Jackson’s cover being blown and Belenti himself putting a hole in his head. He wanted to go guns blazing, wanted everyone dead, typical knee jerk reaction, but, I managed to convince him if we did, it could cause us more damaged, he went on a rant about not caring about damage, sprouted shit about wounded animals either fall over and die, or they bite back, and he wasn’t going to lay down and die. I laid my glock on the table before him and said something pretty profound, I don’t exactly remember all the words, but it was something like, tomorrow, belongs to people like Belenti, the ways of old, how Killdone and others like him built their empires, is over, people side with those who protect, not kill, we could earn more by playing this smarter, than just going in and killing everyone.

He gave me that look, the one where he doesn’t know if he wants to hit me or kiss me, he searched the faces of the others, they nodded, fuckers had taken it, I played them all, I knew they don’t like the mess we make, I knew they’d rather a different approach, and maybe, if I could work this right, everyone could get out of this fucking mess in one piece, or more importantly, I could.

He grunted, said this was on me if it all went to shit, I’d be responsible, I agreed, said it would work, and after it was all done, we’d not only have Belenti out of the way, but we’d have all his business, and more, Killdone grunted again, said we’d see, then he said the one thing I didn’t want him to, he said, if this falls into the shit, like he thinks it will, that pretty little thing that’s got my dick all hard will be taking a trip, one she’d never come back from. I swallowed, gave him my best what the fuck look, but deep down, I knew the fat fuck had my number.

All that was seven weeks ago, a lot of things happened, a lot of shit that will bore the absolute piss out of you, so I’m going to keep it simple, all you need to know is, I kept everything moving, Killdone was anxious, but let the game play, Belenti was getting stronger, dragging a lot of Killdone’s people to his side, he looked weak, like he knew he would, and some of our business partners saw that.

As for Sally, she was making serious cash, the business was moving upwards, and we developed something, you see she, she touched me in ways I can’t begin to understand, that’s when I should’ve pulled away, I shouldn’t of got as close as I did, now, as I sit here, actually fucking crying why she dies in my arms, all I can think about is making someone pay, and to be honest, it’s not because someone snuffed her out, it’s because someone actually found a way in, and you know what, I was happy, so someone has to pay. I just don’t fucking know who played their hand, but you know what, I’ll find out, and then I’ll kiss them fucking goodnight.

25 Days Until The End – Bad Day: My Kiss Goodnight, Part Three – Short Story

I poured Sally a drink and she nervously came and sat beside me, girl could drink, but, I guess if you’d just had some arsehole drive a couple of solid fists into you, then witnessed said arsehole have his head blown off and your boss, you’d need a couple of stiff drinks as well.

We started talking, nothing at the start, but, after time, all of life’s stories, she’d moved to the big city, small town girl, you know the fucking song, so I won’t bore you with all the lyrics, anyway, she needed work, someone saw potential, next thing you know she’s flipping her titties out, and grinding oldboys on a couch for money. But, like all girls working the trade, she had a dream, she wanted to open her own place, respectable, up market, not like this shit hole, apparently her and another three of the girls had been saving, almost had enough to lease some dive at the wrong end of town, but, like I said, she had a dream.

That’s when I had the idea, hostile take over, take Slim’s place, I knew some local meat heads would help look after the girls, keep the patrons in check, she didn’t know at first, there was Belenti¬†and his crew to worry about. I told her to leave them to me, when they got there, I’d handle all the talking, he was a business man, she cut a deal with him, he’d overlook Slim’s demise.

They came in, smooth, not guns blazing as I’d imagined, as I’ve done myself, Jackson was one of his wing men, we didn’t share any glances, this wasn’t our first dance, we knew how to play the, I don’t know you game.

Belenti¬†knew who I was, word on the street was the maker and breaker of guys like me, helped me with the cops, but, there was always a negative as well. He wanted to know why one of Killdone’s trigger men was taking out a perspective client, I told him my story, sold him on the whole shebang, Sally and all, he was gun-shy, wanted to know why one of Killdone’s most trusted would be cutting a deal for his woman with the man who was going to take over all of Killdone’s business.

I feed him more shit, told him this isn’t about Killdone, this isn’t about what he’s doing, this is about Sally and her girls, this is about looking out for the future.

We came to terms, he was happy to have Sally take over, any trouble stemmed from it, he’d make sure they were handled, then he did the most surprising thing of the night, he executed Jackson in front of me, said if he found out this was all another Killdone ploy, like Jackson was, he wouldn’t fuck around this time, he’d come back and execute Sally and all the other girls, I bit my lip, clenched my teeth, gave him my word, and he left.

Shit way sideways, and I couldn’t tell Killdone the full story, to be honest, there was nothing I could tell him, I’d gone from helping out a damsel in distress, to putting multiple targets on her back, and the only way I could make it right was to take out one of the targets, because it’d remove the other, the only problem I had, was which one was I going to take out…

26 Days Until The End – Bad Day: My Kiss Goodnight, Part Two – Short Story

So, I’m standing there, my glock smoking, Sally screaming her fucking perky little tittys off, and her boss lying in an ever-growing pool of blood, I’d not only fucked the chicken with this one, I’d also boned the cow, jerked off the bull and performed fellatio on the roster as well, Killdone was going to be pissed.

I left through the back door as the goon squad came looking for the commotion, three shots ripped into the door as it closed behind me, I headed into the darkness of the streets.

Once I was far enough away I made a call, guy by the name of Jackson, enforcer for Killdone, only guy I trusted to have my back, when I told him the score he shat, apparently word on the street was Slim had been getting cosy with a piece of slime by the name of Harry Belenti. Belenti and his small time crew of handmaidens had been pulling a few of Killdone’s big time customers over to their side of the fence for the last few weeks, and Killdone had Jackson running rat, seeing if he could get some inside info that could help bring them down. What surprised me was how afraid of Belenti Jackson was, and couldn’t shut the fuck up about how he’d see Slim’s murder as an execution, Killdone’s way of sending him a message, one that would start a war between the sides, one, Jackson was worried we wouldn’t walk away from.

Once I hung up, I knew there wasn’t much more damage that I could do, I mean, it was oblivious I had to go after Belenti before he went for Killdone, removing Belenti would quell Killdone’s anger and keep my head. So, I doubled back, his goons were still, or so they thought, on my tail. I came up behind them, grabbed the fattest fuck, who was obviously at the back, stuck my six-inch blade through the back of his throat, so he could have his fucking fill of blood, one of the other oldboys saw him go down, he screamed as he turned, finger stuck in the trigger of his SLR Automatic, sliced through two of his buddies and dropped half-a-dozen or more into fatty’s wide arse frame, when his clip ran dry, I popped up, dropped one into his skull and another two into the last of Slim’s freak show body, this guy, I left alive, winged him in the side of the head, I needed a message man.

He begged for me not to kill him, swore he wouldn’t tell anyone, not the game player I’d hoped for, I drilled another into his shoulder, told him he’s alive only because I need him to pass on a message, told him Slim touch my woman, and if Belenti wanted some payback, he could find me waiting at the bar.

Big time game plan, little thought, when I got back, Sally was still crying, local blues had showed up, so I flashed my smile, played house, and soon had them on their way, early on I found out how bullshit the, who you know line is, it’s not who you fucking know these days, it’s who knows of you, and these boys, knew I wasn’t the man to be fucking with. After they left, I sat down, poured myself and drink, downed it, and settled my eyes on Sally, it was going to be a long night, but, at least I had something good to look at.

27 Days Until The End – Bad Day: My Kiss Goodnight, Part One – Short Story

Pinnerforth, that’s the last word she said to me, fuck knows what it meant at the time, but I vowed I’d find out.

Her name was Sally York, stripper from the wrong side of town, you know, one of those heart of gold types, just wanted to be happy, getting her kit off in front of guys for money apparently did that for her, well that’s what she told me anyway, that’s before I showed her a different kind of happiness, one that didn’t included beating her.

That’s how we first met, I was doing a pick up for Killdone, Krystal In Your Lap, maggot place, toxic, like most of the girls who worked there. Piece of trash calling himself Jersey Slim ran the joint, stories I’ve heard from some of the boys made me cringe, probably why I wanted to be the pick up guy on one of his runs. See, this sort of shit is well below my pay grade, Killdone balked at the idea of one of his prized guns going to such a low-level target like Slim, but I told him I’d do it for nothing, he asked why the fuck did I want into Slim’s shit hole for? That’s when I told him some of the stories I’d heard, how he ran his business and that I wanted to stick my nose in it a little.

Not my problem Killdone said, he didn’t care how his the money was procured, just that Slim paid his taxes.

As far as Killdone was concerned, the conversation was over, but I went anyway, made the drop, apparently Slim is not the sort of guy who belittles himself with paying off the man, so a greaser named Silas did the payoff, I asked if it was alright if I enjoyed a few of the shows, he didn’t care, so I poked around, had a few drinks and ended the night by putting Slim and Silas in the ground.

Okay, it wasn’t that simple, I didn’t just down a few drinks and decide to off them, it was the poor girl who was running late that caused it all.

I saw her running through the main doors and into the bar, she pleaded with Silas, told him how sorry she was, how she’d never be late again. He clipped her across the face, grabbed her by the hair, and bragged her out the back.

I came here to be nosey, so, I made my way over to the door, heard her crying, him yelling, the sound of what I can guess was her, taking another hit, then, this Silas guy going off his head, about the chances she’d been given, the breaks, how now, she needed to pay to man.

Now, I don’t give a flying fuck how someone runs their business, I mean, sometimes the people working for you need to learn how to take a punch, but when I heard the slimy fuck tell her to suck his cock or she’d find herself out the door, or worse, I had to intervene.

The look he gave me was one of shock, and then anger, I told him to let her go, he told me to fuck off, I said I’m not going anywhere, that’s when he pulled out his piece, anyway, three seconds later, Silas was dead, Sally was screaming louder and Slim came running, he cock hanging out of his pants, and a much larger piece in his hands, he swore, told me to get the fuck out before he did something I’ll regret, needless to say, that piece of wisdom he parted with was more like his last regret.

51 Days Until The End – Bad Day – Little Guido, Part 4 – Short Story

Three hours, that’s how long we sat there, we talked, argued, hit each other a few more times, fucked, like you didn’t think that was not going to happen, and then we came up with a compromise.

She wanted someone to pay for the carnage, not just for herself, but for bragging rights, the street needed it, if she didn’t get vengeance, the family, she’d, seem weak. Now, I didn’t want it to be me, surprisingly, neither did she, so, we set our sights on the Bestwick’s, I mean, if it wasn’t for them, this would’ve been over and done with earlier. She was cosy with Flannigan, like I said earlier, she’d been sleeping with him for the last few years on and off, but, she had no real feelings for him, and decided it would be the best way to close a book on that chapter of her life, and set up shop with me as her right hand, I wasn’t sure how Killdone would feel about that, but, right now, I just didn’t want to die, so, I would’ve agreed to almost anything, well almost anything.

We called an old friend of mine, who patched us up as good as good as she could, then I took Matilda to my storage container and we armed ourselves up, fucked some more, argued again, then made our way to the wrong part of town, to hammer the nail in Flannigan Bestwick and his boys, to cement our new business arrangement.

Matilda got us through the door like we were ghosts, but once inside, I took over, or more like my weaponry did. We took out Sheamus and Rory, Flannigan’s younger brothers, up close and personal, Matilda slit Rory’s throat like a pro, while I drilled two shots into Sheamus’ skull with my peacemaker, fuck, I love that gun. We took down some grunts, before Flannigan made his appearance, he came at me, hit me hard, my shoulder clicked out of place for the second time tonight, it didn’t hurt as much as the first time, but it was still a bitch. He started strangling the life out of me, big ox that he was, and as the world started to get blurry, I saw Matilda, from the corner of my eye, standing there, watching, bitch was going to let this Irish fuck end me, that wasn’t the deal. I gasped for air, tried to say her name, but his grip just fucking tightened, then I felt it, the warmth of it splash across my face, it was thick, and his grip released as he landed on top of me, I sucked in the sweet, sweet air, and forced him off me.

Once I got to my feet, I told her what I thought, she said shit, acted all fucking high and mighty, but assured me, our deal was set in stone, and Flannigan’s blood was the binding of it all. Fucking bitch couldn’t be trusted, but, she had me stuck in a tight place, so I had little room to move, she never saw it coming, her goodnight kiss, she could’ve been the one, but shit, she’s not the first could’ve been I’ve met in this lifetime, won’t be the last, it’s just the end of another bad day.

52 Days Until The End – Bad Day – Little Guido, Part 3 – Short Story

Three teeth dislodged with the impact of her kick, and my nose gushed with a shit load of blood, I clenched my hands into fists and forced myself up from the ground. She started jerking off in front of me, going on about how she was going to beat the living shit out of me, and once she’d done that, she was going to beat me some more, I actually believed every word she said, but, she’d hit me pretty hard, so, I’d have believed a lot of things at that stage.

As the room stopped spinning she stopped spewing her shit and came at me again, throwing punches and kicks, lefts and rights, I blocked, ducked, weaved, spun, threw a few of my own and hit the ground again, she was good, but I was better, well, I hoped I was.

She slowed the pace again, to continue her emotional rant about how much blood was on my hands, how not only would I pay, but she’d bring down Killdone’s whole operation, become the next big kingpin of the burbs, and keep me locked in some small room, where I’d know nothing but pain until the day I would finally be allowed to die. I laughed, I honestly tried not to, really I did, that’s when she finally filled in the missing puzzle piece that had me all outta sorts the whole night. She called me a svin’ya sobaka, yeah I know, don’t mean much does it? Not if you don’t sleek the language that is, strangely enough for me though, three months ago, I took a little trip, had a bit of payback to deal out to some wayward kin of a maggot who tried moving in on Killdone’s turf, she was speaking Russian, called me a pig dog, and it all clicked like a motherfucking light bulb.

I think as the words came out of her mouth she realised it too, cause she got that puppy dog look on her face, you know, head to the side, confused fucking eyes. I fell on my arse and lit a cigarette, she threw herself beside me, grabbing the smoke from my mouth, took a drag, and stuffed it back in. 

Talk about fucked up, things just got complicated, you know, bedroom gymnastics complicated, we had a small fling, felt like something more, but, wrong time, wrong place, not that now seemed right either, considering I just killed her whole family…

53 Days Until The End – Bad Day – Little Guido, Part 2 – Short Story

Big Luis drove another mean, hard fucking arsed right hook into the side of my head as he ripped me from the ground, everything went from technicolor, to old school black and white, you know, like the days before sound, before Al Jolson danced his merry fucking dance to a tune, although my silent film did have a kick arse soundtrack, compromised mainly of a really fucking annoying ringing that didn’t have such a great beat. I’d heard it many times before, and knew, if I didn’t do something sooner rather than later, the ringing would be stopping permanently, and there’d be no later.

He pulled me away, as the human bicep lined up another of his custom haymakers, I blew the fucking muscle head a kiss, he stood there, in some other world, and I pulled my spastic arm up, free of the ropes, and his glock in hand. The first bullet whizzed past his cheek, tearing a new opening for his tongue to hang out of, and from there, it found its true target, old man Galdino. The old fuck didn’t even have time to suck in another desperate mouthful of air as his head exploded, I sent the next one into Luis, and then fanned out, through the crowd, each shot hit it’s intended target, unfortunately the clip emptied earlier than I’d hoped, I knew Luis wasn’t smart enough to keep his piece fully loaded, improvisation number twenty-seven was about to be called on.

I charged forward, using Luis as cover, he took a lot of the fire power that was intended for me, I took some myself, but not enough to stop me, I got my hands on more weapons, and the fight started to go my way, that’s when Matilda decided she wanted in on the action, bitch was quick, obviously she’d spent most of her nights on her stomach watching Bruce Lee movies while her brothers took it in turn to pump their watered down seed in her shit hole.

She connected with a couple of really good kicks, dazzled the fuck out of me, I almost wanted to sit down and watch her in action, but, that wasn’t going to happen so I need to take charge, and NOW! I hit the ground, she leap into the air, coming down with a spectacular diving knee towards my face, it was awesome, I moved, swiveled, and ended up with my fist stuck halfway up her musky love tunnel. She fell over sideways, it must’ve hurt, fuck, I winched in pain at the thought of it, but I knew this wasn’t the time to get emotional. Her younger brother Sly and his gangbang partner Arn made their move, finally, guess they saw their sister down and in need of some family loving, I grabbed Sly by the head and bit deep into his throat, the kid screamed as I ripped a chunk from him. Arn caught the initial spurt of blood in his face, he stood there, in shock, so I grabbed him by the balls, ripped them down and drove myself up, shattering his jaw with the crown of my skull, he hit the floor, shaking like a spastic, and then, it was me and cunt flaps again.