Bad Day: Queen For A Day, Part Four – Short Story

The world was spinning like a fucking merry-go-round on crack as Shera the princess of power picked me up and forced my head in between her massive thighs setting me up for a perigee while also dousing my head with a vomit worthy offering of rank pussy juice. She drove my face into the ground without a whole lot of care, and wiggles her massive arse cheeks like they were part bulldozer, squishing my face into the concrete beneath us. I tried to force her away, but she started bobbing for apples on the back of my head, causing me to black out at least once, maybe twice. When I came back to reality she was off me and helping Sergio to his feet.

“Think you’re something special, don’t you pig dog?” He says as he takes a running kick, and lands his high heel wearing foot into my boys, I screamed and doubled over in agony. He laughed and pulled me up by my ears, Shera grabbed my arms and forced them behind me.

“I’m going to make you suck my cock dry, and then I’m going to kill you pig dog,” Sergio said with a high pitched cry, obviously whatever hormones he was shooting into his arse was wearing off, because it wasn’t only his voice that was changing as I was pretty sure he was growing facial hair before my eyes.

Anyway, I felt his semi hard cock slap against the side of my face, and then he tried to force it into my mouth but I wasn’t about to let this piece of shit fuck my mouth without buying me dinner first.

Shera pulled my arms back tighter, causing me to scream out in pain giving old mate his chance. Fucking almost forced me to bring up my lunch as his fully hard cock hit the back of my throat, unfortunately for Sergio the only reflex it set into motion was the lock jaw one. I bit down like a mother fucker who didn’t have anything left to live for, and was surprised how easy it was, like biting through a gummie snake.

Old mate screamed, Shera smashed me in the back of the head, and I hit the ground free of attention as she rushed to old mates side as he knelt on the ground screaming about his missing cock. Honestly, a guy that far gone should be thanking me for doing what he obviously didn’t have the guts to do. I stumbled to my feet the same time as Shera turned to see what I was up to, so I drove a knee into her face.

I’d like to tell you she went down and I John Handcocked them both before disappearing into the night, but it didn’t happen that way.

I drove my knee into that woman’s face eighteen time before she showed signs of any ill effect. Then after all that she somehow managed to force me to the ground, and started wailing away at me like I’d just told everyone at school that she had jerked me off behind the bike shed. I forced some space between us then drove a knee up into her throat, and locking the other up and over it then grabbed on for dear life as I locked in the devil triangle. Desperately she tried to free herself and take a breath, I tightened my grip. Each time she tried to pick me up from the ground I pulled my knee into her throat some more until eventually her eyes literally popped out of her head and she collapsed on top of me. I laid there for a few moments holding on just to ensure she was definitely off my to do list, before finally kicking her to the side and slowly getting to my feet.

I almost instantly stumbled to my knees with exhaustion, clutching my throbbing head as I sat there for a few before once again forcing myself up.

I looked over at old mate as he sat there bleeding out and smiled as I chewed on what was left of his dick that was still inside my mouth, before spitting the little piece of flaccid flesh out at his feet.

“Sorry, I don’t swallow for anyone not even a queen like you.”

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