Bad Day: Queen For A Day, Part Three – Short Story

“You think you can around killing members of my family and live pig dog?” The well libricated voice of Sasha Villmemore hisses. Sasha was vomited from his mother’s vigina and slapped with the name Sergio Segligari before he’d even cried his first shit scared tear when he first clapped his eyes on his old man, and dog ugly mother Bertha. His life was and future was already decided for him before he witness his dad strangling the life out of one of his bitches, but when Sergio realised he had the gift of deep throating any sized cock, he changed his gender to a forty-four double-D with seven inches packed under the hood and a new name too boot. Once old boy had all the right pieces in place, and not in place, he started his own online empire away from the old ways of the family. Daddy was never happy, but when Mika and Veronica stepped up he obsessed less and I’m pretty sure beat off openly to his son. Anyway, let’s get back to the important shit because while I’ve been giving you the vita background on Sergio, he’s been running his mouth about all the wicked things he’s going to do to me, and none of them sexual. Unless of course when he said he was going to literally fuck me up the arse and cum over my face, was actually what he meant and not just some friendly banter.

I spat some blood on the floor, and threw a glance over my left locking eyes with one of the girls who’d serviced my pole early. I’m pretty sure she looked a whole lot prettier alive than she did with the blank expression she had then on her pale empty dead face.

I could hear old boy in the background yelling something crude, but I was mesmerised by dead Barbie’s lips. It wasn’t exactly her lips that was the mesmerising thing, it was the fact that fifteen minutes ago they had been firmly pressed around the base of my cock as I dropped some never-gonna-be kids in her stomach, you could call it a religious event. Sergio wasn’t happy that I wasn’t there with him in his conversation, so he drove the heel of his size thirteen high-heels into my hand adequately bringing me back to reality.

”Are you listen to me fuck face?” He growled while he twisted his foot around as if stamping out a cigarette. I gritted my teeth together and pulled my nuts in knowing there wasn’t much good for my sorry arse if I laid down and gave the crying game his moment in the sun, so I thrust up with my free hand and punched Sergio in what little was left of the body he was born in and somehow got to my feet. But Sergio had one more surprise waiting in the wings for me in the form of his wet nurse. The freak of nature was built like a fucking skyscraper, and she went full on Chyna on me. Easily tossing me into the air, then catching me into a pop up power bomb, that sent stars across the landscape of my now busted mind as I hit the ground….

to be concluded…

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