Bad Day: Queen For A Day, Part Two – Short Story

The world was a mess as the second boot connected with the side of my head, and I went twisting all around the pool, except there was no pool and I wasn’t really twisting, it was more like cascading to the floor like a free flowing tap.

“Rat bastard!” I head a woman’s voice hiss, I looked up and noticed the whore more from how far her legs went up than how pretty ugly she was. Veronica Segligari, second to the Don aka the self proclaimed toughest cunt in the room, who happened to have just expired a few moments ago. Veronica and me went way back, I’d blown in her hole once or twice and she’d ridden the tongue lane a few times, but she wanted nothing to do with me when I’d deliberately killed her brother Mik. Anyway, none of that is important right now, all you need to know is Veronica disliked me a lot and that would be heightened more so right now because I just offed her old man.

“I’ve been waiting so long for today that I’m wetter than I’ve ever been before,” she said with a purr.

“Sandpaper,” I came back with before someone drove another boot into me then pulled my hair back.

“Still the show off to the very end, how pathetically pathetic,” she said.

As her words settled into my spinning brain, and as the blood soaked into the gel that makes up almost all of my eye I suddenly heard Lemmy’s cigarette soiled vocals call out to me in his signature sheer, followed by a heavy guitar riff and I knew it was time to play the game the only way I knew how.

I drove myself upwards, breaking pretty boys nose over his face, then launches myself like a spear towards the ugly twins. All three of us hit the ground with a rocking thump, but I was in the middle of my hulk up and the crowd was cheering with more excited he than the first 30 players in the Huston 500, because no one wanted to be in that last 100 when the sloppy mess that was left was all that was left.

I flip myself to my feet like HBK during his final run, not totally shit but no where near his glory days.

I ate a sharp hot poker in the chest that sent be back down, it burnt for a few moment but once bullets started ricocheting off the concrete near my head I knew if I didn’t move this spot would be a permanent location for my remains to rot.

I sucked in all the energy I have and emulated HBK once more, and quickly danced into some sweet chin music, laying Clive no eyes down for the count.

I heard the gun cock moments before the explosion of the bullet leaving the chamber. Using what little reflexes I had left, not so pretty anymore boy became my human shield and ate all sixteen bullets before upping his usefulness as a bartering ram.

As I lay on top of pretty fucking ugly boy, staring into Veronica’s hate filled eyes I put my hand on the handle of a revolver tucked in he once had a face that launched ships and low it sinks them’s belt.

“What the fuck are you smiling at bandito? You think you have won? We are the serpent, you cut one head off another will rise. We ar…..” she never got to finish whatever story she was in the middle of telling as I pulled the trigger on the conversation.

When Killdone and the other showed up the party was long over, but something the fat fuck said stuck with me for a few hours, until Beth and Anne sucked my meat dry a few times.

He repeated a bit of her tale, about so many heads and more coming. Honesty it’s what made me end up at Chesty’s House Of Hardcore, all that talk about heads and coming got me all in the mood for some me time. So when the cold barrel pressed itself against the back of my skull I was surprised…

to be continued….

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