27 Days Until The End – Bad Day: My Kiss Goodnight, Part One – Short Story

Pinnerforth, that’s the last word she said to me, fuck knows what it meant at the time, but I vowed I’d find out.

Her name was Sally York, stripper from the wrong side of town, you know, one of those heart of gold types, just wanted to be happy, getting her kit off in front of guys for money apparently did that for her, well that’s what she told me anyway, that’s before I showed her a different kind of happiness, one that didn’t included beating her.

That’s how we first met, I was doing a pick up for Killdone, Krystal In Your Lap, maggot place, toxic, like most of the girls who worked there. Piece of trash calling himself Jersey Slim ran the joint, stories I’ve heard from some of the boys made me cringe, probably why I wanted to be the pick up guy on one of his runs. See, this sort of shit is well below my pay grade, Killdone balked at the idea of one of his prized guns going to such a low-level target like Slim, but I told him I’d do it for nothing, he asked why the fuck did I want into Slim’s shit hole for? That’s when I told him some of the stories I’d heard, how he ran his business and that I wanted to stick my nose in it a little.

Not my problem Killdone said, he didn’t care how his the money was procured, just that Slim paid his taxes.

As far as Killdone was concerned, the conversation was over, but I went anyway, made the drop, apparently Slim is not the sort of guy who belittles himself with paying off the man, so a greaser named Silas did the payoff, I asked if it was alright if I enjoyed a few of the shows, he didn’t care, so I poked around, had a few drinks and ended the night by putting Slim and Silas in the ground.

Okay, it wasn’t that simple, I didn’t just down a few drinks and decide to off them, it was the poor girl who was running late that caused it all.

I saw her running through the main doors and into the bar, she pleaded with Silas, told him how sorry she was, how she’d never be late again. He clipped her across the face, grabbed her by the hair, and bragged her out the back.

I came here to be nosey, so, I made my way over to the door, heard her crying, him yelling, the sound of what I can guess was her, taking another hit, then, this Silas guy going off his head, about the chances she’d been given, the breaks, how now, she needed to pay to man.

Now, I don’t give a flying fuck how someone runs their business, I mean, sometimes the people working for you need to learn how to take a punch, but when I heard the slimy fuck tell her to suck his cock or she’d find herself out the door, or worse, I had to intervene.

The look he gave me was one of shock, and then anger, I told him to let her go, he told me to fuck off, I said I’m not going anywhere, that’s when he pulled out his piece, anyway, three seconds later, Silas was dead, Sally was screaming louder and Slim came running, he cock hanging out of his pants, and a much larger piece in his hands, he swore, told me to get the fuck out before he did something I’ll regret, needless to say, that piece of wisdom he parted with was more like his last regret.

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