54 Days Until The End – Bad Day – Little Guido, Part 1 – Short Story

They said it didn’t matter what I did, who I killed, where I ran to, my time was done, so, their stupid fucking jaws dropped when I said do it then, kill me right here and now. The silence that followed was eerily poetic really, I mean, if you could’ve heard her speech you would feel a hot flush or two, maybe well up a little, but, I didn’t pay as much attention as she wanted me to, so, I don’t remember enough to recite it word for word, all you need to know was, that it moved a few of the sorry fuckers in the room.

She turned to the big guy, who gasped for air, sucking it through the ventilator, then muttered something about how proud he was of her, how’d she grown, his little flower.

I’d read the room all the while, as she made her speech, made notes of who I needed to remove first, I wanted to save the old guy for last, but her speech moved me enough to shift her into priority mode, so, the old guy had to be first, I wanted to hurt the bitch, then take out the rest of the family, then wax some poetic shit of my own before I gave her a goodnight kiss.

I know, I’m hog-tied, weaponless, and surrounded by the Galdino family in all their glory, of course, minus Little Guido and Sabino, they both checked out earlier in the night, with one way tickets to the big east, guess that’s what got me here in the first place.

Killdone had a meet and greet that he had to pull out of at the last-minute, Little Guido took his absence a bit personally and started chew up the scenery, so, I stepped in and stood up for the boss, Sabino, the big lug, took a cheep shot at me, but, I saw it coming and drove a twelve-inch blade through his forehead, the empties a few rounds into small fries dome.

When I contacted Killdone he flew the coupe, told me to clean my mess up, and if I couldn’t, not to come back as he didn’t want the heat, so, I laid the blame on the Bestwick Boys, pushed them enough, and they played right into my trap, a few bullets later and I had the perfect crime scene, unfortunately I didn’t count on Matilda to be bagging Flannigan Bestwick a few hours earlier.

My intel was old, seems the Bestwick’s were in bed with the Galdino’s, and I’m not talking about Flannigan just dipping his wick, seems the meet was a set up, they wanted Killdone’s turf and planned on sending the boss a message at the meet, one that had a defining ending. Killdone ordered a move, he wanted them to pay for their attempted double-cross, but, as it turned out, it was another layer, he sent me in the den as retribution, the family wanted payback, Killdone wanted to keep his power, so, they agreed on a solid trade, me, for him.

I should’ve know it was coming, fuck, the prick told me more than once how it was going to play out, but it didn’t sink in quite as well as he hoped.

Big Luis stepped forward and clenched his fists, he got the nod from Matilda and cracked me across the face, I hit the ground like a fucking brick, popped my shoulder in the process, first god damn good thing that’s happened all night.

2 thoughts on “54 Days Until The End – Bad Day – Little Guido, Part 1 – Short Story

  1. “…hit the ground like a fucking brick, popped my shoulder in the process, first god damn good things that happen all night.”
    He’s always the silver lining kinda guy 😄

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