25 Days Until The End – Bad Day: My Kiss Goodnight, Part Three – Short Story

I poured Sally a drink and she nervously came and sat beside me, girl could drink, but, I guess if you’d just had some arsehole drive a couple of solid fists into you, then witnessed said arsehole have his head blown off and your boss, you’d need a couple of stiff drinks as well.

We started talking, nothing at the start, but, after time, all of life’s stories, she’d moved to the big city, small town girl, you know the fucking song, so I won’t bore you with all the lyrics, anyway, she needed work, someone saw potential, next thing you know she’s flipping her titties out, and grinding oldboys on a couch for money. But, like all girls working the trade, she had a dream, she wanted to open her own place, respectable, up market, not like this shit hole, apparently her and another three of the girls had been saving, almost had enough to lease some dive at the wrong end of town, but, like I said, she had a dream.

That’s when I had the idea, hostile take over, take Slim’s place, I knew some local meat heads would help look after the girls, keep the patrons in check, she didn’t know at first, there was Belenti and his crew to worry about. I told her to leave them to me, when they got there, I’d handle all the talking, he was a business man, she cut a deal with him, he’d overlook Slim’s demise.

They came in, smooth, not guns blazing as I’d imagined, as I’ve done myself, Jackson was one of his wing men, we didn’t share any glances, this wasn’t our first dance, we knew how to play the, I don’t know you game.

Belenti knew who I was, word on the street was the maker and breaker of guys like me, helped me with the cops, but, there was always a negative as well. He wanted to know why one of Killdone’s trigger men was taking out a perspective client, I told him my story, sold him on the whole shebang, Sally and all, he was gun-shy, wanted to know why one of Killdone’s most trusted would be cutting a deal for his woman with the man who was going to take over all of Killdone’s business.

I feed him more shit, told him this isn’t about Killdone, this isn’t about what he’s doing, this is about Sally and her girls, this is about looking out for the future.

We came to terms, he was happy to have Sally take over, any trouble stemmed from it, he’d make sure they were handled, then he did the most surprising thing of the night, he executed Jackson in front of me, said if he found out this was all another Killdone ploy, like Jackson was, he wouldn’t fuck around this time, he’d come back and execute Sally and all the other girls, I bit my lip, clenched my teeth, gave him my word, and he left.

Shit way sideways, and I couldn’t tell Killdone the full story, to be honest, there was nothing I could tell him, I’d gone from helping out a damsel in distress, to putting multiple targets on her back, and the only way I could make it right was to take out one of the targets, because it’d remove the other, the only problem I had, was which one was I going to take out…

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