Day 291 – Bad Day – The Russian – Part Five – Short Story

I guess the end of all this shit started with Galboldi sitting in a chair, stinking of piss and shit, his hands were both a mess of bones, flesh and blood, and his fingers, well six were wedged up his nostrils and the other two were sticking out of each ear, I won’t mention where his thumbs ended up, but they made sitting uncomfortable, although, I’d guess two thumbs shoved up his arsehole wouldn’t’ve been at the top of his shit list right then and there.

He gave up the upstart early on in the piece, but I was having so much fun I just kept on hammering the old fucker.

Punk kid by the name of Tommy West had moved in and wanted Killdone’s turf, but he went about it the wrong way, and Killdone sent some of his low par boys over to shake up his operation, they messed him up, but, let him live, a mistake I’d never make. The kid turned out to be the grandson of some Russian thug called Salvador The Cunt, cute name, it’s not exactly the correct translation, but it’s my interpretation of it. Regardless of what it’s supposed to say, Salvador earned his name on the bastard hills of his home land, slaughtering the peasants, and other such awesome shit I don’t want to mention here. Anyway, after the beat down Tommy contact his grandfather, and he sent over his prized pupil, the fucker who gave me the staples and the whistle while I say my s’s.

I passed on this info to Killdone and he shat bricks, he told me to clean the shit up, whatever the cost, including his low flyers.

I started there, sent them all to the bottom of Shallow Creek Bay, sorta like Dawson’s Creek, but without big head Dawson and Pacy trying to get Joey into a three way cum bath.

Tommy was a simple task, he was so full of himself, he never though anyone would try and touch him after his grandfather sent The Russian, the blood drained out of his face when he came home and saw my fucked up face sitting at his kitchen table, surrounded by the bodies of his boys, and Old Man Galboldi’s finger licking head waiting for him.

I didn’t waste too much time on the kid, I’d already wasted more time on this than I wanted, but sometimes, when you want to really screw the pooch, you’ve got to commit and follow thru with all the hard thrusts.

So, that’s pretty much how it ended, well, that part of my day, now I get to have some rest, the flight’s going to take a few hours, and I know by the time I get there, they’ll be waiting. But hey, like I said, when you commit, you really gotta commit, no condom, full bareback, balls deep, and not a fucking care in the world.

Russia, here I come.

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