Day 290 – Bad Day – The Russian – Part Four – Short Story

Fucking Killdone, can’t believe the fat fuck made such a big deal out of the mess I made of Old Man Galboldi, it’s not like I killed the old fucker, in fact Killdone’s business should get stronger, but hey, that’s what I get for taking it upon myself to straighten out his fuck ups.

It’s water under the bridge anyway, well, almost, Galboldi gave me the name of the shit bag that put my name on the hit list before Killdone, and for the last three hours I’ve been sitting in this rat infested shit heap waiting for him to hook up with one of his small time smugglers, unfortunately for him, his boys are all taking a permanent nap off the coast, well, that’s where they should be by now.

Just as I’m beginning to think this is a waste of my time the rat and his small time crew show to pick up their shipment.

I hate to admit this because I don’t want to sound like I get my kicks from all this shit, but, this is one of my favorite parts of the chase, when you’re ready, the trap is set, and your prey has no fucking clue. I fire six shots off in under four seconds removing all his boys, he stands there, frozen, petrified, I can see a puddle forming at his feet.

Then I get that feeling, you know, the one where you start thinking this is way too easy. It gets me, a weasel like this would never have the balls to come after me, let alone be in Killdone’s league. I can sense from your hesitation in reading this that you got it too. Anyway, my sixth sense begins working over time, and I move out of the way just in time, as the eight inch blade misses doing any permanent damage, not saying he didn’t stick me with it, just saying if I was a chick, I wouldn’t be getting pregnant.

That rat Galboldi had fucked me, but, that’s okay, I’m a solid performer, like Huston at the 500, I’ll take all the blows, in every hole, and I’ll still smile because I know I’ll stand at the end of all this, I’ll be totally fucked, but, hell, I can handle bigger dicks than this.

A right smashes into my face, then a left, this guy is quick, but he’s no Chuck Norris, his punches are soft, he’s done a lot of gym work, but he’s never hit someone to break bones. I thrust a kick into his knee, the angle is everything, it snaps and he screams, I throw a knee into his jaw as it comes down, shattering it. He’s out, bullets wiz past, all his boys are jocks, talk the talk, but shit themselves when the walk gets complicated, I fire three shots, perfectly centered.

Looks like tonight is going to be a lot more fun than I though it was going to be, I slip off, into the water, I can hear them all chatting away, moving in on my location, fuckers are just that stupid, I get some distance and work my way back, I can hear them yell, he’s not here, he’s not.. the explosion rips through the dock like a war head, everything for a bit over a thousand square meters had been rigged up with something I like to call the Ron, because when it blows, it blows, hard and long.

Galboldi put himself back on the list, I know Killdone won’t like it, but you know what?

Fuck that fat fuck Killdone.

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