52 Days Until The End – Bad Day – Little Guido, Part 3 – Short Story

Three teeth dislodged with the impact of her kick, and my nose gushed with a shit load of blood, I clenched my hands into fists and forced myself up from the ground. She started jerking off in front of me, going on about how she was going to beat the living shit out of me, and once she’d done that, she was going to beat me some more, I actually believed every word she said, but, she’d hit me pretty hard, so, I’d have believed a lot of things at that stage.

As the room stopped spinning she stopped spewing her shit and came at me again, throwing punches and kicks, lefts and rights, I blocked, ducked, weaved, spun, threw a few of my own and hit the ground again, she was good, but I was better, well, I hoped I was.

She slowed the pace again, to continue her emotional rant about how much blood was on my hands, how not only would I pay, but she’d bring down Killdone’s whole operation, become the next big kingpin of the burbs, and keep me locked in some small room, where I’d know nothing but pain until the day I would finally be allowed to die. I laughed, I honestly tried not to, really I did, that’s when she finally filled in the missing puzzle piece that had me all outta sorts the whole night. She called me a svin’ya sobaka, yeah I know, don’t mean much does it? Not if you don’t sleek the language that is, strangely enough for me though, three months ago, I took a little trip, had a bit of payback to deal out to some wayward kin of a maggot who tried moving in on Killdone’s turf, she was speaking Russian, called me a pig dog, and it all clicked like a motherfucking light bulb.

I think as the words came out of her mouth she realised it too, cause she got that puppy dog look on her face, you know, head to the side, confused fucking eyes. I fell on my arse and lit a cigarette, she threw herself beside me, grabbing the smoke from my mouth, took a drag, and stuffed it back in. 

Talk about fucked up, things just got complicated, you know, bedroom gymnastics complicated, we had a small fling, felt like something more, but, wrong time, wrong place, not that now seemed right either, considering I just killed her whole family…

2 thoughts on “52 Days Until The End – Bad Day – Little Guido, Part 3 – Short Story

  1. Matthew, I’ve been away from WP, just occasionally dropping by but since I got an abusive comment last night and now, reading this wondrous prose, I’m back and glad. You’re truly one sick puppy. Brilliant.

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    1. Haha, thanks so much, it’s fun to be in someone’s head, there are no filters 👍Glad to see you back, I’ll have to drop by, it’s been busy couple of weeks and I haven’t had much time to tour around the blogs as much as I would like.

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