Day 62 – Deep Pockets – YouChallenge Short Story

He sits in the waiting room as the world continues to move on around him, the girls behind the desk answer calls and fill in work sheets as he sits there, waiting. He shuffles in his seat, and he feels that he has the right to call it his seat as he’s sat in it enough over the last few months and spent enough money to do so. He looks up as the girls start chatting amongst themselves and then looks back down at his phone, opening up the note pad and starts writing, nothing really of any interest, but, he starts writing anyway, he looks up again as a woman makes her way from the back and around the counter, towards him. He turns his phone off and stands up.

“Mister Jones, sorry for the wait,” she says with a smile.

“It’s ok, I’ve waited longer over the past few months,” he retorts back, smiling as he does, her face freezes, the smile stays but her eyes tell a different story.

“If you’d like to come this way, she’s waiting for you,” she says as she leads him around the counter and out through the back.

“How is she?”

“We’re not going to lie, it’s been a rough couple of hours,” she replies as she leads him through a door.

“That’s what my bank account said too,” he says sarcastically, she stops and turns to him, her smile now broader, but her eyes still show her true feelings.

“These procedures are not simple Mister Jones, what you’re paying for is cutting edge, top of the line work, if you have a problem with what we are doing, you are more than welcome to go elsewhere, but I can guarantee you won’t get the work we do anywhere else.”

“I’m well aware of where you sit on the totem pole honey, that’s why I’m here, you take my money, you take my sarcasm, I thought we agreed to that in your thousand page contract?”

“We are a professional establishment Mister Jones, and we expect all our customers to be the same, so if you don’t mind, please leave your sarcasm at home. Now, if you would follow me in here, you will see all the procedures that were required have successfully been completed,” she says as she leads him into a room, where a man and woman in white lab coats stand, checking over a woman who lies motionless on a metal table.

“Mister Jones,” the man says as he looks up, and extends his hand. “It’s always a pleasure to see you.”

“That’s what your bank account said,” he says as they shake hands. “So, they tell me is she fighting fit and ready to go?”

“Indeed she is, all the new modifications and software you requested have been installed, so she should be better than ever.”

“And you managed to keep all her previous saved commands and files?”

“Everything as requested,” he says with a smile. “So all you need to do is sign the release form, here, here and here, and place your palm, id tag side here, and you’re good to go,” he says as he places a tablet in front of him, and he quickly follows his instructions and hands the tablet back.

“So, we’re good to go?”

“Certainly, Francis, boot Monica up and then escort her and Mister Jones to the waiting room. Until next time Mister Jones,” he says as he once again extends his hand.

“Until then,” he says as they shake hands and the woman on the table sits up and turns to look at him.

“Is it home time my love?” She asks.

“Home it is,” he says as he helps her down from the table and follows the woman from the room.

“I hate that man, he’s so, so, vile,” the woman says, the man turns to her and smiles.

“But his money, his money is golden, so I’ll put up with that droid lover any day of the week as long as he’s paying.”



The challenge was to write a story with an android in it, done.

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