The End Of Month Two Or The Beginning Of Month Three

Well, sixty-one days and forty-eight short stories later we are still venturing along these roads of madness together, and I hope, so far, the ride has been somewhat fun. Because there are many corners to take as we continue on the next three hundred and four days that remain on our journey, (I know we’re going to go a bit longer than that, calculations put us at three hundred and forty five days left, but for the beauty of the whole feel, we’ll just say three hundred and four). We ended month two on a savage note with the end of the Bad Day trilogy, where it goes from there, is anyone’s guess, but I feel the trilogy will become more, only because I like the character, even though I don’t think he has a name. So what have we got to look forward to you ask?

HorrorweenBlank Horrorween is coming, and its going to be a bit wild, with many things mounting up to be built around the week starting the 25th of October and coming to a close on the 31st. We’ll be treated to a few bonus stories, a anthology on Halloween day, a bonus massive YouChallenge that will require a lot of thinking and breaking of the rules, simply because it has to, but the closer we get to it all the more I’ll let you know, it’s a wild idea. What else can you look forward to in the Horrorween series… Oh that’s right….


The Roundhead will birth into this world on the 2th of October and it’s story will come to a close on the 31st, so for seven glorious days you will have a new part of The Roundhead to read. Also, for fun, over the next few weeks and months until it begins you will be subjected to small sneak peeks of the beast, and little phrases and what not. But the sneak peeks, they are fun, they will be in the form of preludes, but they’re not really, each counting down a letter of it’s name, R has already been posted and the rest will follow. They count down to the beginning of the Horrorween week. The preludes will not appear in the series and happen between the first and second chapter, once the beast has been released. It’s been a fun ride so far and I ask, urge and encourage everyone to share and comment on this as I really think this is a great idea and believe it really has come together awesomely so far and cant wait to see how it ends. The character appeared in a short story I wrote some time ago and I really liked the idea, but never really looked into what made it tick until now, and the original, its pretty much been chewed up by the new versions. Remember #daretoshare


We will have a new line appear from time to time called Black Label, these stories are a little more sexually explicit than some of the other stories that have sat on the edge and threaten to jump, well, these ones jump. I think they are good stories, well as good as all the rest and think if you can enjoy the ones that are nothing but swearing every second word, then you can enjoy the ones where sex is the main topic of conversation.

If Horrorween works then I have an idea for Friday the 13th, same sort of deal, a week of building a story up, but just at this point trying to work on everything else as much as I can. As always if anyone wants to throw any YouChallenge ideas at me you can either drop them in the comments below or email to and I’ll take your challenge, trust me, I wont back away and I will make it work.

So with all that done, why don’t we spin our wheels and get to our next stop, because today is YouChallenge day and this one, it’s a bit of fun.




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