Day 61 – Bad Day III – The Final Day – Short Story

The pain is fucking terrible, I spit out blood, great, just how I felt like dying, sitting in my own piss, shit and blood. That fat fuck is gloating, dancing around like the big man he thinks he is, but he’s just a fat fuck. And fat fucks like Kildone always get what’s coming to them, even if I have to drag myself out of hell to do it. I did his dirty work, he screwed me over and so I came for him, and he ran and hid, surrounded himself with hired muscle, who folded quickly when I stuck my gun in there spleens. But when it got down to me and Kildone he managed to fire first, the fat fuck, I waited too long, had too much emotion tied up in it all, one if those fucking timing moments, too old and rusty for this shit. I took a shot in the shoulder and I dropped two in his arm. That’s when he show up, fucking fat son of bitch was desperate enough to call him. The bastard knocked me to the ground with a powerful punch in the side, when I say powerful, I mean it was like a freight train, I must have flown at least ten feet in the air. He started talking bullshit about how he’d been waiting so long for this, since I took his eye out ten years ago and ruined his life, his life was a waste of fucking space before that. They used to call him a lot of cool names before that, apparently, now they just called him old one eye. He came at me again and stomped down on my left leg, breaking it, actually the fucker probably shattered it. I grabbed him by the balls, because I could reach it, and I squeezed, he bent down in pain and I drove a finger right into his good eye and scooped it out like scooping the inside of a hard boiled egg. He screamed in pain and I grabbed him by his out of date mohawk and drove his head into the wall several times until he crashed to the ground and then I snapped the fucking pricks neck. And that’s when Kildone made he move and fired two shots into my chest, fucking fat fuck. He laughed, and started crapping on about how it was time to retire me for good, too many secrets and all that bullshit I needed to take to my grave with me.

I brought up the fact that he was the one that showed up on my door and made me do his dirty work because his dick was too small to get it done, he shot me another two times in the gut, fucker was enjoying this. Now he started to thank me for getting rid of Townsend and actually said he was sorry my family got caught in the cross fire, like fuck he was, fat fuck.

And so now, here I sit, or lie, whatever makes you happy picturing, with holes the size of golf balls in me, and a coldness rushing over my body, staring into the barrel of Kildone pistol and he’s standing there with his slimy, fat, fucking face smiling. But you know what? Fuck it, that fat fuck Kildone ain’t going to walk away either, so I smile back and I see the sudden fear on his face as I release the grenade that I’ve been holding onto tightly for the last five minutes and it tumbled towards him, stopping between his fat fucking legs, and he looks at me again as the grenade deton……



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