Day 63 – Fangs For The Memories – Short Story

We’re not sure who started the rumour about Mister Jarvis being a vampire, I know it wasn’t me or Fielding, it could have been Bailey, but none of that is really important anymore as we all pretty much have to live with what happened regardless of the role we played in it all.

Yokel Sepalovic arrived at our school ready to learn the English way, he had grown up in Germany and learnt all his English from YouTube and TV. He was surprisingly quite easy to understand and you could even manage a conversation with him, without asking him ever to repeat himself, but none of that really matters, it’s what happened when he heard about Mister Jarvis that is…

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The world is but a twisted globe, spinning round and round, allowing light to breathe life onto its weary bones. But, where there’s light, there’s always darkness, and hiding in the shadows are things our imagination cannot even begin to understand. So buckle up and venture forward on a journey through thirty-one short stories, stories bathed in blood, stories dipped in darkness, stories that will take you through the veil of sanity and onto the twisted roads of madness.

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