Day 63 – Fangs For The Memories – Short Story

We’re not sure who started the rumour about Mister Jarvis being a vampire, I know it wasn’t me or Fielding, it could have been Bailey, but none of that is really important anymore as we all pretty much have to live with what happened regardless of the role we played in it all.

Yokel Sepalovic arrived at our school ready to learn the English way, he had grown up in Germany and learnt all his English from YouTube and TV. He was surprisingly quite easy to understand and you could even manage a conversation with him, without asking him ever to repeat himself, but none of that really matters, it’s what happened when he heard about Mister Jarvis that is. It seems, according to Yokel, that vampires are quite common over in Germany, and almost every man, woman and child are trained in the art of detection and removal of threats believed to be vampiric in nature. We thought he was pulling our chains, until he showed up his neckless made from the teeth of the vampires he had killed, twenty-nine, and if Mister Jarvis was indeed a vampire, it would be his thirtieth kill, and apparently, in Germany, when you hit thirty kills you are considered an adult and are bestowed many things, one being for a male is a sexual encounter with a woman from the Tangsha Tribe. We laughed at him, until he showed us a photo, they were all beautiful, and I don’t mean, the normal run of the mill, yeah she’s beautiful, I mean, I started to get a stiffy when I saw the photo. So we all agreed if Mister Jarvis was indeed a vampire we would help Yokel put a stop to him so he could get to bang one of those hot chick.

It started out innocently, one day after class Yokel, Bailey and myself stayed at our desks, and waited for everyone else to leave, apparently one of the easiest signs that someone was a vampire was to throw holy water over them, as he wasn’t sure if holy water down here was the same as the holy water he had at home he said it might not be as effective, but it’s always the first and easiest way to find out. Anyway, Mister Jarvis asked why we were all still seated and Baily said that he was hoping we could do a bit of extra credit work, as we were both slipping behind, and Yokel, well, because his English wasn’t that good, and he relied on me to find his way home every day was only waiting because he had no idea what to do. Mister Jarvis walked towards us with a huge smile, and that’s when Yokel jumped up and threw the holy water in his face, Mister Jarvis screamed and Yokel looked at me and nodded his head, it was true, Mister Jarvis was a god damn vampire. The next few moments moved quick, too quick really, Yokel pulled a wooden stake from his desk and proceeded to stab Mister Jarvis like he was possessed, blood gushes everywhere, and me and Bailey we stood there, watching it all, and I can tell you, it was scarring to say the lest, it wasn’t like in the movies, he didn’t turn to ask, he didn’t burst into flames, he bled, and screamed, a lot. Mister Dumpy, the school janitor heard all the commotion and managed to stop Yokel as he was trying to pull a tooth out of Mister Jarvis’s dead body, that’s when he went nuts and drove the stake into Mister Dumpy’s head, he looked at us and smiled, he said the school was a cover and it was really a nest, he was going to get a woman for all of us once he was done. By the time the police arrived at the school Yokel had managed to overpower and kill seven of the school’s faculty members, and was far from done, it took five officers to eventually tackle him to the ground and get him in cuffs, but he still managed to bite an officers ear off in the scuffle. We found out later, Yokel, which was not his real name, was wanted in Germany for the suspected murders of over twenty-five members of his previous school, apparently his parents had smuggled him out of the country, to try and protect him, unfortunately, when the police went to interview them, they were gone, we saw him on the news last night and it was the weirdest thing, he said he was a hero, that this town was infested like his home, and you know what, I actually believe him.



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