Day 82 – In His Eyes – Short Story

“Why are you so afraid of him?” He asks as he sits down next to her. “What’s the worst thing that can happen?”

“We could be end up worse off than we are now,” she says with an awkward smile, shielding her eyes from the sun, she picks up the bottle of water and takes a large mouthful before passing it towards him, he shakes his head and she replaces the lid.

“Do you think they’re still out there?”

“Of course they are,” she says. “They’re waiting for the sun to go down, and then they’ll make their move, then they’ll come for us.”

“So, we’ve got no choice, let’s do it!”

“We could be walking straight into their trap, they could want us there, it’s too risky.”

“How long have you been stuck there Emily? How long have you wanted to make them suffer like they made you? I came out her to investigate this fucked up cult and Father Lucas, I spent months to get this deep, and I’m not going to run, I’m not going to let them continue, not while I have a chance to stop them. I say we go back and we put an end to their twisted fucking world once and for all, lord knows how many others have been where you are, forced to do things with them, forced to be their play toys, let’s hit back. They won’t be ready, you know it’s the only way, we’ll never survive once they come for us, or worse, they’ll lock us up and we’ll be right back where we started.”

“Or we could end up right back there by going back and trying to stop them, I say we keep moving, while it’s still light, get as much distance as we can from them, find somewhere we can protect ourselves and wait for them to come.”

“What’s the difference between what you’re suggesting and what I’m suggesting?”

“We’ll have the advantage,” she says as she slowly gets to her feet, she lets out a grimace of pain as her dried, blistered, bloody feet take the weight of her naked body on the dry, harsh ground.

“I think it’s wrong, we need to attack, running and hiding won’t work,” he says as he runs his hands through his matted hair and grabs a handful in each hand and pulls, letting out a groan of frustration.

She places a hand on his shoulder and squeezes it, “I’ve been here longer than you, I’ve seen others try and fail, they all do, trust me, we have to run, Father Lucas is too strong in his own house, his lord protects him,”‘ she says as she looks off into the distance, towards the hills, she sees something move, quickly, and then, it is gone, and then she feels a shot of pain rip through her stomach and she clutched her bloated belly, gently rubbing it, turning to him and smiling. “He kicked.”

“You still think it’s a he?”

“I know it is, I can feel him, he’s going to be like his father, big and strong,” she stares off into the distance, back towards the hills. “That’s where we have to go, it’s safe there, and we can protect ourselves.” She says as she slowly, and painfully makes her way across the rocky, hot land, towards the mountains, towards him, she knows he’s waiting, she knows he will not harm her, she looks over at Kyle and grabs his hand and pulls him along with her. “Let’s hurry, it will be getting dark soon, and they’ll come for us.”

He pulls away and looks back toward the house and then her, “You go, I’m going to take care of those sick fucks, you go hide, protect the child, I’ll come back to you once I’m done,”‘ he says as he rushes off toward the house and she slowly makes her way toward the hills, as the sun sets and the coldness of the land begins to set in she sees him, waiting in the darkness for her, and she smiles as he opens his arms wide.

“My little butterfly, why did you try and fly away?”

“I knew you’d be waiting, I thought I could bring him to you, so you could punish him, but he could not, he only wanted vengeance, retribution.” she says as she presses her naked body against him.

“Fear not my butterfly, all those who seek salvation shall be dammed, for salvation is not taken it is given, your brothers and sisters of the cloth will show him the error of his way.”

“And if he succeeds in his vengeance?”

“Then the snake will drink from his skull, for that is the lord’s way, and we will follow him into the valley of death, for we fear no evil.”



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