Day 83 – Hippy Shake – YouChallenge Short Story

“I’m telling you it’s not normal,” Tony says to Jerry, his supposed best friend, that was up until five minutes ago.

“You’re just being crazy, honestly man it’s nothing, you’re overreacting, it’s not that bad.”

“You just said it was nothing and now you’re saying it’s not they bad, so obviously it’s something, maybe I should get it looked at?”

“Who by? A doctor? I wouldn’t go to a doctor about that, they’ll probably call in the government and then they do all sorts of tests on you and shit.”

“What the fuck are you taking about, I thought you said it was nothing? Why the fuck would they want to do fucking tests on me if it’s nothing?”

“Okay, maybe it’s something…”

“What the fuck?”

“Look, it’s pretty obvious, I mean you can hear it from across the room.”

“What? Seriously?”


“That’s why I’m fucking asking?”

“I could hear it before you even came into the room, I was sitting here just eating my burger and then I heard this music, and I’m thinking, where the fuck is that music coming from and then you came around the corner and I was like, oh wow is that coming from Tony? I though, fuck man, you’ve got your iPod on way too loud and then you sat down and well here we are talking about this crazy arse soundtrack that’s following you around, like your own, fuck man, it’s like you’ve got your own personal theme music man, that’s awesome when you think about it,” Jerry says smiling at Tony, who gives him a cold look back.

“It’s not cool Jerry, it’s driving me insane!”

“Okay, just calm down then, when you get excited the music gets more pace, more of a beat, man, it is like it’s your own personal theme music, honestly man it’s cool, seriously, when the fuck did it start happening?”

“Two days ago, like I fucking told you when I first sat down, we were sitting around have a few cans at Darby’s and his sister rocked up with some guy she met at some crazy party she has been at up in the hills, you know some hippy commune acid party. And this dude was like a soft dude, you know, he was like, hi man, your aurora is like so ultra-positive and deep, you should come up to the commune, you would really dig it man, you know too over the top, like almost fake. Anyway they hung around, we all ended up stoned, the hippy was like my best friend and we started talking about cool shit we’d love to have, and I said, I’d love my own soundtrack to follow me around every day and he said I can make that happen, I said some bullshit, most of it I can’t remember and he held out his hand and told me to shake his hand and he’d make my wish a reality, and here we are, so back to my original question, have you fucking seen Darby’s sister?”



The challenge was, ‘what the fuck was that sound?’


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