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Day 85 – Selma – Short Story

He jumps up half asleep and scrambles out of bed, tumbling to the floor as the baby monitor blares with the sound of her cries, he stumbles out of the bed room and down the hallway, trying to force his legs into his pyjama bottoms as he does, and crashes to the ground in a heap, he mumbles to himself as he awkwardly gets back to his feet and opens the door quickly to his daughters room, who to his surprise is sleeping soundly. He scratches his head in puzzlement and slowly tip toes his way out of the room and gently closes the door, his dog Selma sits at the end of the hall and stares at him as he slowly makes his way back down the hall and gives her a pat on the head as he passes.

“Back to bed girl,” he says pointing out to the lounge room as he quietly crawls back into bed, he wife rolls over and lets out a sigh.

“What’s going on honey?” She asks, half asleep.

“Nothing, I thought I heard Abby crying but I must’ve been dreaming it,” he says as he lies down next to her and she throws her arm around him and he slowly drifts off back to sleep. It’s no more than five minutes later and his eyes shoot open again as he hears Selma barking down at the end of the hall and Abby crying loudly over the monitor.

“Oh for Christ sake!” He hisses underneath his breath as he lightly pushes his still sleeping wife off him and climbs back out of bed again and quickly makes his way out into the hallway, Selma looks at him and lets out a whine of desperation and digs at the carpet beneath the door and barks loudly again.

“Selma, bed now!” He yells as he storms down the hallway and grabs her by the collar and thrusts her down the hallway, she runs back to the door way and barks and digs, and again he goes to push her away, but this time she bears her teeth and growls, a deep, vicious growl, he holds his hands in the air.

“Okay girl, okay,” he says as he slowly opens the door and they both stand in the doorway, staring at the pale, ghost like figure that stands over Abby’s cot, it slowly turns around to face them, and he can feel his bladder slowly emptying itself down his leg. Selma barges into the room, barking and biting at the air and the spirit lunges backwards in fright. He rushes into the room and grabs Abby from her cot and heads back for the doorway, but the door slams shut before he can reach it, all the while Selma continues to bark furiously, and then, lets out a yelp of pain and he can just make out in the darkness her body crashing into the wall, its at that moment his wife begins banging in the door, screaming his name, “Hugh! Hugh! What’s going on? HUGH!” he goes to answer her and feels something cold touch his shoulder, he turns and looks into the eyes of the disembodied spirit and it opens its mouth as though it’s going to say something, but no words come from its mouth. He suddenly feels an easiness wash over him and feels his legs begin to give way, and he crashes to the floor as the door springs open and his wife stands there screaming as the spirit charges towards her. Selma comes from the darkness and leaps into the air passing through the entity and a deafening scream fills the room and then it’s gone, he lies on the floor still safely clutching Abby as his wife runs frantically into the room, while just a few feet away, Selma stands watch, he slowly gets to his knees and his wife grabs Abby from his arms and he places a hand on Selma’s head and give her a pat, he still isn’t sure of what just happened, but he knows, somehow, Selma saved them all.



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