Day 97 – Mistakes – Short Story

She grabs his arm tightly and tries to pull him close, but he takes a step away, a tear runs down her face, followed quickly by several more, her bottom lip trembles so she bites into it and squeezes his arm tighter, he pulls himself  free from her grip and heads quickly for the doorway as she falls to her knees.

“Don’t leave like this, don’t let this be the way it ends!” She yells out, he grips the door handle and spins back around, his face flush red, his brow furrows as his eyes, like daggers, stab towards her.

“Fuck you, why should I even entertain standing fucking here and talking to you about this?” he yells, waving his free arm around. “Tell me for fuck sake? Because I want to know, I’m just itching to find out why me leaving is the wrong thing to do? Is it so you can save face? Because that isn’t happening Sandy, not by a long fucking shot. You’re the one who fucked up here, not me, so don’t tell me this shouldn’t be the way for it to end, when you’re the one responsible for it, you fucking bitch!” he yells, spit sprays from his mouth, he clenches his free hand into a fist as he pulls the door open and takes a step through it.

“Don’t you even want to know why it happened?” she screams, he turns back to her slowly and stands there in silence for a few moments.

“Well, am I going to stand around all day, or are you going to try and make yourself feel better?” he growls.

She wipes the tears from her face and struggles to her feet, “It was Chris’ idea, he said it would be the smartest thing any of us did in our whole entire life, he said if we didn’t go all in we’d regret it once we worked out the sort of return we would’ve made if we threw everything we had at it. He was good Parker, he said all the right things, did all the right moves, everything seemed too good to be true, but everything he showed me said it was.”

“Did you suck his dick?”


“I said, did you suck his fucking dick Sandy?” He says as she takes a menacing step towards her.

“No, no, why the fuck would I suck his dick?”

“Because you gave him everything, not just what was in the bank, but the bill money, the rainy day savings, fuck, Sandy, you gave him everything, so you might as well of sucked his dick while you were at it!”

“Please, Parker, please, tell me what I can do to fix this, please?”

“Just do what I told you, pack your shit and be gone by the time I come back.” He says as he turns quickly back to the doorway.

“What are you going to do?” She says softly.

“I’m going to start with breaking his toes and work my way up from there, no two bit con man will take advantage of my sister and get away with it!”


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