Day 99 – Date Night – Short Story

He sits across from her, looking into her eyes and she smiles as she gently dabs the serviette on her mouth.

“What?” she asks.


“What are you staring at?”

“You,” he says with a smile as he leans onto the table as she blushes. “That’s why we’re here isn’t it? To look at each other, to see if we’re the real deal or not.”

“I guess, it’s just, well I’ve never had anyone say the things you say to me it’s just a bit unusual.”

“You’re a beautiful woman, I’m just telling you the truth.”

She laughs, “I’ve been on seventeen of these dates and no one has been so up front and, and well, as nice as you, so tell me, why are you still on the market, what’s your faults?”

He laughs and leans back in his chair, “We’re already to that part of the night?”

“That’s what we’re here for, isn’t it?” she says with a cheeky grin.

“Touché,” he says with a laugh. “Okay, honestly, I haven’t found the right person, the right companion, I mean, I’ve been looking, but it’s always in the wrong spot, that’s why I’m here, doing this, trying to find miss right.”

“You’ve practiced that one haven’t you?”

“Well,” he says as he leans back on the table again. “Like you, I’ve done this too many times to really count, so, yeah, it’s a little practiced, but it’s true, I’m looking for that person who can make me feel a part of something special, not just another fling, I want someone who will make every day worth it. So, now your turn, why are you here?”

“The same reason I guess, looking for the one, I had him once, but it ended badly and I’ve been searching ever since, hoping one day to find it again, but all I ever seem to find is sleaze bags and no hopers.”

He laughs, “Isn’t that generally what single men are?”

“You don’t seem to be one,” she says with a smile.

“I could be, anyone can, but, I like you, you seem normal, interesting, and that’s what gets me, the interest.”

“The challenge?”

He laughs, “I’m not really into challenges, I’m into people, so no, not a challenge, an interest, that’s it.”

“Well, I’m glad I interest you, so, do we leave or do we sit and make more small talk?”

“Well, if you’re finished, you don’t want desert?”

“Oh no, that was more than I wanted to eat anyway,” she says as she gets up from her seat, after they go to the counter and pay for the bill they walk out into the night.

“Well it’s been an enjoyable evening,” he says with a smile. “I’d really like to do this again.”

“Do you say that every time as well?”

He laughs, “No, very rarely.”

“Well, then, I’d love to, when?”


“I’m busy Friday, Sunday?”

“Sunday I’m going to my friends to watch the game, what about Saturday?”

“Saturday I’m busy in the afternoon, but if we catch up around seven I can do that!”

“Seven it is,” he says with a smile. “Where are you parked?”

“Oh, I’m not parked, I live eight blocks that way, so I’m just going to walk.” She says point down through an alleyway.

He looks at her and pulls his jacket on, “No one in their right mind would let someone as lovely as you walk home alone, please let me give you a lift.”

“I’m fine really, I walk it all the time.”

“Please, I really want to, I promise my hands will be on the wheel at all times and I’m not some wacko serial killer.”

She smiles, “Okay, but really, I can walk.”

“I won’t have it,” he says as they walk to his car and climb in, and he looks over to her and smiles as he starts up the engine as all the doors lock. “I sort of lied back there, about keeping my hands on the steering wheel.”

She laughs nervously, “I thought you were going to tell me you were a serial killer, that would have been so crazy.”

“Crazy? I just said I’m not going to keep my hands to myself, aren’t you worried?”

She laughs louder, “No, if you were a serial killer, then maybe, but only because it would have been, one of those freaky things that happen from time to time, you know, a coincidence.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

She pulls a taser out from her bag and zaps him into unconsciousness, “What I’m talking dear Freddie, is about how funny it would have been if we both ended up being serial killers.”




12 Replies to “Day 99 – Date Night – Short Story”

      1. I once took part in a writers in residence event. It was in a public venue and we had a time limit of 3 hours to produce a piece of fiction based on a prompt.
        Mate, it was a car crash. I just about wrote my name in joined up letters. I realised it’s because I never know where my writing is going, I’m just the passenger and things unfold like clues in a mystery. Slap on the pressure to perform and a fixed time limit and I was back at school trying to figure out which way up my exam paper was supposed to go.

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      2. I think the time limit allows me to really touch what the story is really trying to say and not get lost in rewrites and changes, it’s pure, it’s raw, it’s what it’s supposed to be. I can imagine the pressure of doing something like this in a public venue, that would be really stall the process, but, I have toyed with the idea of doing a time lapse video of the whole writing process I go through, but, I think it would be a bit lame 🤔

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