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Day 113 – Betsy – Short Story

“Don’t be smart Jensen, it’s not your strong suit,” He says as he places the revolver on the table and looks over towards the man who is held back by his arms from another two men.

“Fuck you Palmore, we had a deal, I just want to make sure it’s going to happen.”

“I said it was a done deal, it means it’s a done deal, you’re too paranoid, get with the program and everything will be okay, kick sand and shit goes wrong and more people pay the price than just you.”

“Are you threatening my family?”

“No Jensen, I’m not threatening anyone, we have a deal, why the fuck would I threaten you, we both have a lot to lose if this shit went the wrong way or say the fed’s found out, so why don’t you just relax.”

“Fuck, I’m trying, but, Parker, he knows something, I swear, he was poking his nose around my desk, asking questions, things that screamed the obvious, that’s why I ran, that’s why I came to you.”

“You’re fucking kidding me? Parker was snooping and you got a little bit of wee in your pants and came running here! Seriously, let me just repeat all this, so I know I’m on the right path, but you came running from Parker, to here, where I am, because he was sniffing around at your shit, possibly hinting that he was aware something was up, and then you may or may not have lead that son of a bitch right to my door, shit Jensen are you that god damn stupid?”

“I-I-I-I swear Palmore, I wasn’t followed, I swear, I made sure, I did, I swear!”

“For your sake I hope you fucking d….” a knocking at the door interrupts and Palmore casts a vicious glace towards Jensen. “I’m not expecting anyone,” he hisses.

“I swear Palmore, h-h-he didn’t follow me! I swear!”

“Get him out of here,” Palmore says as he jerks his head towards a door to his left, again someone knocks on the door, heavier this time, more threatening. “Give me a second!” he yells out as he makes his way to the door, as he places his hand on the door handle, the door burst open, sending him crashing to the ground, he doesn’t have a chance to defend himself as a sledge hammer connects violently with his skull and his body flops to the floor like a bag of spoiled potatoes, the man delivers another two hits with the hammers head, sending blood splatter in all directions, as a puddle quickly grows beneath Palmore’s body. The man searches frantically around the room and charges towards the only door, crashing through it as if it was paper, the two men jump in surprise, the first has no time to react as the sledge hammer connects with his face, breaking his nose, left eye socket and jaw, he crashes to the ground. The other pulls out a large blade and attacks the man, digs the blade up into his side, all the way to its hilt. He drives an elbow into the thugs face and pulls the blade free and drives it into his knee, the thug screams out as the man grabs him by the throat, and for a moment, only a second, stares into his eyes, his bottom lip twists and he tightens his grip and pulls backwards, ripping a chunk of flesh from his throat. The thug tries to scream but nothing comes out and he falls to his knees as he begins choking on his own blood, but looks up and raises a panicked hand into the air as the sledgehammer connects with his skull, and then darkness, the first thug lies on the floor, spitting up blood and saliva as the sledge hammer connects, and then the man turns to Jensen who sits on the floor, his mouth open, fear etched over his face, he looks up into the man’s eyes, his face covered in blood, and he smiles.

“Now, before you ran off, I think I was saying something like, I’ve got a sledge hammer in the back of my car, and if you give me a reason to suspect you’ve done anything that’s not in my companies best interests, I’ll introduce you to it,” he says as he raises the sledge hammer and smiles again as he looks back down to Jensen. “So, this is Betsy, she loves to party!” He yells as he drives the sledge hammer down.



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