Day 119 – Straws – Short Story

What is in a word, or a story, or for that matter a song, when you slowly begin to hear less and less of everything, when you slowly feel a wall begin to build itself up around you and the only control you have is to either build the wall quicker or just accept it. It was six weeks ago when I first started having the problems with my hearing, nothing terrible at first, although it fucked with my balance, vertigo they call it, and I got it fucking bad. Emptied my lunch and whatever else I had eaten that day over the next door neighbour’s cat, Yoshi, and as I hit the dirt, he ran inside, yowling. An ambulance arrived a short time later, they shot me up with some shit, stemetil or something like that, and twelve hours later I felt better, not fantastic, but better. The doctor said it was something pretty unusual, not unheard of, but for him, unusual. The inner drum of both my ears had slowly, over the years become more and more unstable, I’d probably been suffering for with it for ages but never really noticed it that much, it just so happened on this particular day I was listening to music through headphone and somehow this had been the main escalator of all the shit. I looked at the headphones as though they were some sort of evil monster who had just killed most of my family, and threw them into the ground, crushing the small speakers underneath my boot. The doctor said it would’ve happened eventually, and it’s going to get worse, to the point that my hearing would one day completely disappear. I was like what? You can’t be serious, surly there was some sort of operation that could be performed, that could reverse the damage, or at the very least stabilise the deterioration. He shook his head and said there have been some tests, grommets and what not could be fitted, a hearing aid even, but the damage had become so advanced that there was really nothing anyone could do. I got up and stormed out and drove to Hybridge lookout, I really didn’t know what to think or do, so I told the world it could go fuck itself. I was only thirty-six for god sake, how could this be happening, I didn’t get an answer, not right away, it came later.

I did shit loads of research, listened to as much music as I could, I started to noticed how the music felt less like it had once before, I was of course losing certain levels, or tones first up, but I vowed it would not get me, I would not become some disabled fucker who could not hear, I was not going to let this crazy thing beat me. And that’s when he turned up, this weird little man and his contraption, said he could repair all the damage that’d been done to my inner ears, I would be perfect again, but, for all this to happen he just needed one thing from me to make it possible. I said no straight away when I saw the device and what had to be done. He made a few arguments, some valid points, but I just didn’t want to believe him, just on principle really, I just didn’t want what had to be done, done, plain and simple. Eventually, a few weeks later, when I was almost completely deaf, I called him back and said I’d do it, and that’s how we ended up here, watching this weird little guy thrust his unusual size cock into my ear canal, and all I can think, he better be telling me the truth.



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